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15th November - 14th January


Under the Sea


Our new theme is called 'Under the Sea' and is all about friendships and trust. We will be reading lots of different stories about friendships, including the rainbow fish. We will learn about tropical fish, different habitats fish can live in, the life cycle of a fish and the different parts of a fish. Do you have any fish at home? Where do they live? How do you look after them? Where else can fish live?




18th October - 15th November 

Come and Join the Celebration


Our next theme this year is 'Come and join the Celebration', which all about different types of celebrations. We will be learning about weddings, birthdays, Diwali and Christenings! Have you ever been to a wedding before? Did you have a special job? What type of items do you find at a birthday party? What happens at a christening? What happens in the story of Rama and Sita? 



6th September - 15th October

Happy to be me


Our first theme this year is 'Happy to be me', which is all about us! We will learn all about our different body parts, our similarities and differences and will learn about each others families. What senses do we have? How do our five senses help us? How are you similar to someone in your family? How are you different? Who is in your family?