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English - Reading Comp. & Writing tasks

It’s time to get silly, Summer Reading Challenge 2020 starts 5 June!

The Summer Reading Challenge 2020 launches today and this year the theme is Silly Squad.  Sign your child up to the amazing new summer reading challenge website at to start their summer of reading. Children can set their own reading goals and get rewards, play games and earn badges as they discover awesome books to read!

Anything they read counts.

The library offers an eLibrary , e-books, e-comics and e-audio you can download. All free with your Essex library card, so if you haven’t already register the whole family free online now.

The Summer Reading Challenge Facebook page for the “Let's Get Silly" virtual launch event starts on 5 June.

From 4pm there’ll be jokes, magic, readings, crafts and stars including CBBC’s Sam and Mark, authors David Baddiel, Ben Fogle and Konnie Huq, and the BBC’s Katie Thistleton and Hacker T Dog.

Get the whole family involved this summer with getting silly and getting reading!

The body

Click on the link below and read the e-book 'What's inside me?'

Can you read these body words:

Leg, hip, back, arm, lip, chin, neck, cheek, feet, hand, rib, toe, ear, hair, chest, head, foot, mouth, eyes, nose, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, shoulder, head, face, heart, kidney.

  • Use the facts you learnt from reading 'What’s Inside Me? ' to create a body fact file. What else do you know about the human body that you could add to it?
  • Look at yourself in a mirror. Now write a description of yourself using a range of adjectives. Try to vary how the sentences start. Read the description to someone else – do they think you have described yourself well?
  • Imagine you are describing yourself to someone who cannot see you. Talk about how you look, what you like doing, what makes you happy and what makes you sad.
  • Design a lift the flap body page in the style of 'What’s Inside Me?'  It might be a book or it could be in the shape of a body.

Out of this world

Look at the cover of this book. Can you predict what you think the story is about?

What could the 'moon confusion' be?

Listen to 'The Great Moon Confusion' on the link below, stop the story from time to time and think about what might happen next.  Was your prediction before you started the story correct? Tell someone about the story and what you liked about it.

The Great Moon Confusion

Moon songs and rhymes

Look at the link below and choose a poem/ rhyme. Learn the poem by repeating it.

Can you say the poem from memory to different people in your house?

Could you say your poem to someone you know on the telephone or computer?


  Write a letter 

Choose a member of your family or a friend  and write a letter to them.

In your letter explain how you are feeling  and  describe the things you are doing  whilst you are at home.  Ask how the person you are writing to is feeling and advise them on what they can do to stay safe and healthy. You might suggest activities they can do whilst they are at home. Finally send or email your letter.

Enjoy writing and make someone happy and feel loved when they receive your letter. smiley

Creative Writing

Write a story.

Below are some suggestions for story starters to help give you some ideas.

You could also retell a traditional tale and change the ending.

Describe a scene

The link below shows some pictures of scenes with a word bank underneath (These do not have to be printed out to complete this task). Use these scenes to help you to write a description of the scene and what you think is happening or about to happen there. Imagine yourself in the scene and use your  five senses to describe what you can see, hear, feel, smell and taste. The scenes could even inspire you to write a complete story. Be inspired! smiley


Reading Activities:

   Kiri and Jingle    

Reading comprehension and writing a recount. Click on book below for details.

   Letter to a friend   

Reading comprehension  and writing a letter.

Click on book below for details.

    Baking Bread    

Reading comprehension and writing instructions.

You can make your own bread or choose something else to make and

write your own set of instructions.

Click on the book below for details.


Reading comprehension and writing a recount.

Click on book below for details.

    Television History    

Reading comprehension and writing a review of your

favourite television programme.

Click on book below for details.

    Mr. Frog    

Reading comprehension and writing a letter.

Click on book below for details.