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Events - Summer term 2018

18-5-18 Royal Wedding Celebrations


Using the notes A B and G from the song Happy by Pharrell Williams, we selected the pitch and length of notes: semibreve, minim, dotted minim, crotchet and rests and arranged them in a staff, to create our own melody.


6S took the well-known song Happy and rewrote the lyrics to become a song for the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan. Here are some examples:


Kye wrote:

It might seem crazy what I'm about to say

Will you marry me or you can take a break?


Owen & George wrote:

Getting married

Clap a long if you feel like coming to our wedding

Getting married

Clap along if you feel like weddings are the truth


Max wrote:

Because I'm married

Clap along if you feel like love is through the roof

Because I'm married

Clap along if you feel like love is the truth


Tommy wrote:

Prince Harry she's here you can kiss away

For our honeymoon we can go to space

With the queen like I don't care we can hover away

Because I'm royal

Clap along if you feel like a church without a roof


6S went to visit Class 4 and built a royal family tree.

The royal family keeps on growing and spreading - I wonder what it will be like in 100 years.








w/c 11-5-18 Sumdog National Competition.



Class 6S came 337th out of more than a thousand!!!! Awesome like a maths possum.