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28-6-19 Southend Museum by train

We travelled by train to Southend and visited the Southend Central Museum, to see the Anglo-Saxon burial items, which were dug up locally in 2003.

We were so excited and really enjoyed seeing the exhibits up-close.



After looking at Anglo-Saxon pots, we noticed the patterns and rune letters scored into the surfaces. We sketched pots and chose the patterns and messages to press and score. Next we created coil pots and then before the clay had dried we smoothed the outside surface and scored the runes and geometric patterns.

wc 13-5-19 Outdoor Learning

In gorgeous sunshine, we took advantage of our outdoor spaces. In maths we learned to read coordinates, to solve puzzles and won points in a geometry quiz. Inspired by Beowulf, we used hot-seating, drama scenes and invented an amazing game: Grendel Tag Murder Mystery - BEST GAME EVER!

We had such fun. We love learning together outdoors.

I'll let the pictures do the talking...we had a splendid day and fun was had by all. Thank you to the children, parent helpers and staff who made the trip such a success. The staff at Mountfitchet Castle commented on how polite and well behaved the children were - a credit to our school smileyyesangel

Since the trip, Class 4 have been using the experience, to help them imagine the setting for the ancient tale of Beowulf.

4- 4- 19 Class 4 at Wickford Tennis Club

26-3-19 Talk n Share

Thank you to all of the family members who were able to drop in to see the children's books. Each pupil wrote an evaluation of their term so far and wrote what they'd like to improve or things they would like to spend time doing - this was a great conversation starter for the parent and teacher meetings that followed.

Remember: don't wait for meetings, drop by, phone or email us, to organise a chat about your children any time.

11-3-19 Class 4 Brilliance assembly

With a massive amount of help from the children and staff in Class 4, our families had an amazing time showing their brilliance. The children suggested the learning they wanted to share and how to share it. Look at our pics - we had fun!

8 - 3- 19  Year 3 and 4 Poetry Slam


We had great fun working with pupils and staff from Oakfield and Grange schools. We watched films of Michael Rosen and wrote extra verses to a poem called The Dog In the Playground - read our ideas in the attached doc.

Classmates read poems in a competition and EN from Class 4 won! Yay!!!


5-2 -19 Safer Internet Day


How much did we learn about? Wow! We created strong passwords. We thought about our rights and about protecting our image for the future. We thought about how real friends should communicate online.




1-2-19 Number Day



We played maths games with Class 1, measured objects and jumped around to CBBC Super Movers.



11-10-18  Talk & Share


Thank you to everyone who made it to share the children's work. We're very proud of our books and proud to share what we have been learning.


You're welcome to stop by any time, you don't have to wait until next term.

26 - 9 - 18    CLC Art Morning


We met and worked with children from another local school: printing, painting, collage, chalking; using oil pastels; designing sun-shades and making beaded jewellery.


By looking at an array of artefacts from Ghana, the children had first hand experience of woven, carved and printed materials.



Our pupils had a lot of fun and were had amazing attitudes to learning and trying different skills.

w/c 17 - 9- 18  Wellbeing week


Class 4 experienced a different aspect and activity, which can improve your wellbeing.


Be Connected - we shared circle time and some games to show what we like and dislike.


Be Active - we had a long PE session and played in the sunshine


Learn - we used the technique of the 6 Thinking Hats, to generate ideas for our writing


Take Notice - we listened to a variety of music


Give - we contributed to Jeans For Genes day, to raise money for the charity