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Welcome Explorers to our school website, and more importantly to our very own class page. This is where you will be able to access important information such as homework, term dates, and current learning and achievements. smiley


Love from,

The Explorers Team (Miss Couchman, Mrs.Windebank and Mrs.Reeves)





Science Day- Georges Marvellous Medicene

Here is an example of what we did :)

Still image for this video
Today it was 'Science Day' at North Crescent. The focus for the day was the story 'Georges Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. The children were given the task of creating a medicine for Georges wicked Grandma, to teach her a lesson. In Explorer class we chose to experiment with fizzy drinks and mentos (fizzy drinks are Grandmas favourite), as we heard that when these two items are put together they explode.


Today we were lucky enough to have a member of the dance group ‘stomp’ join us at North Crescent Primary School. We learnt 10 moves which we then put into a short routine as a class. 
This week we have explored ‘clay’ throughout the key stages. In Explorers we chose to make giant faces, linked to the class story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. 
Today we visited Chaplin Lodge to sing summer songs to the residents. The children had lots of fun and sang beautifully. 

Half Term Homework

North Crescents Got Talent!!

Our first and second place contestants!

You all showed so much confidence, performing in front of the whole school. You really do have talent.

You made Explorer class very proud. laughyes 

Explorer Class Party

Today we celebrated Easter by having a class party. We made Easter cards and baskets during the morning session, followed by an Easter egg hunt and games in the afternoon!
As part of our class reward this term we went on a trip to Colchester Zoo! We had so much fun finding out about all the animals, and we loved getting to see them up close. It really was a day to remember laugh

We are winners!

Our Brilliance this week:


  • We won the 3PR cup with an astounding 80 tokens!
  • We came joint 1st place for the brilliance cup with 3 stars this week.
  • We had 6 Mothers Day raffle prize winners.
  • As a school we raised £279 from our Mothers Day sale. frown

The Everywhere Bear

This week we have introduced 'The Everywhere Bear' in Explorer class.

In the book,  the Everywhere Bear has a home on a shelf, but he doesn't spend very much time by himself, for each boy and girl in the class is a friend and he goes home with one of them every weekend.

In Explorer class we will be sending 'The Everywhere Bear' home with children that have shown exceptional behaviour and learning in class. If your child brings home 'The Everywhere Bear' we kindly ask that they document Everywhere Bears journey with you and your family in the book provided.


Everywhere Bear:

  • Taken home on Monday to be returned Thursday.
  • Taken home on Friday to be returned Monday.


                            Thank you in advance. I cannot wait to hear all about your adventures!

Red Nose Day 2019

Thank you to everyone who was involved in, and donated towards red nose day 2019 for Comic Relief! So far we have raised a fantastic £108. Well done to all!! frown


Our brilliance this week:


  • 71 3PR tokens collected this week putting us in 3rd place.
  • 2nd place for the brilliance cup.

The Brilliance Cup!

This weeks brilliance... indecision


  • 77 3PR tokens collected this week putting us in third place. no
  • We won the lunchtime award for amazing manners and behaviour at lunchtimes. no


You have been incredible this week Explorers. Keep it up!




For this weeks reward, Explorer class chose to spend their golden time outside, exploring the adventure playground. The children showed great enjoyment in the afternoons activities, which were well deserved!! Well done Explorer class no


Thank you to everybody that took part in 'World Book Day 2019'. It was such an amazing day and a great opportunity for us to share our favourite books. It was wonderful to see such a range of characters,  from traditional tales to modern day stories! The costumes were fantastic and the children really took to their roles. Roll on next year... frown 


                                                                                               Signed, ELSA.


Firstly, a big thank you to everyone that attended our 'pirate workshop' in Explorer class. We had such a fun afternoon, and loved everybody's enthusiasm and competitiveness.

Secondly, congratulations to Sienna and family for your winning pirate ship that Miss.Whitwell said had ''lots of detail and really stood out'', and also to Jacks family for being fabulous runners up.

We hope to have many more events like this one,  as it was such a great success!!


Party Time...Arghhhhhh!

Thank you to everybody that got dressed up and in the spirit for pirate day!

We had lots of fun playing pirate themed games and sharing free time with our peers.

As a class we are very grateful to parents for your junk modelling and party food donations, we couldn't have had such a great day without your involvement!

Making a Pirate Ship

Today the children worked together in the outdoor area to make a pirate ship out of construction materials. They then used it as a setting for their role play, pretending to steer the ship and walk the plank.

Float or Sink?

Today Explorers and KS1 visited Chaplin Lodge to sing our Christmas songs to the residents. We had a festive morning of fun getting to know lots of new people and sharing the Christmas spirit. The residents had a great time and have invited us to return for Easter. We cannot wait! frown

The Christmas Extravaganza!

Today we had our class Christmas extravaganza! Thank you to everyone that was able to make it. It was a great opportunity to showcase all the songs we have been learning. We had a great time and we hope that you loved it as much as we did!! smiley

The Christmas Lunch!

My favourite food is...SCRAMBLED SNAKE!!!

Today in Explorers we learnt how to make Scrambled Snake (jelly with strawberry laces). We had to carefully follow instructions to find out what we needed to do and work in groups to carry out each step. It was so much fun and we cannot wait to try it!! 

Children in need 2018

Thank you all for supporting children in need! You were all dressed 'Spot'-aculy. We raised over £100 from all of your kind donations, for a fantastic cause. 
Today we visited Wickford Library. We had to walk carefully and sensibly all the way there. When we got there the Library assistant read us a story and told us all about the library and the items we could borrow. We then got an opportunity to explore! There were so many books to choose from and some of us even got to take some home. no
This week in Explorers we have been learning to sequence a story. As stimulus for this we went on a Gruffalo hunt. We had to follow the story, finding each of the characters, whilst moving like the animals.

Our Superhero Day!


On Friday the 12th October, the whole school took part in a 'Big Write'. In Explorers we have been learning about a book called ' Supertato ' by Sue Hendra, linked to our superhero topic. Our mission was to write posters to catch the evil pea that had broken into the classroom and trapped the superhero veggies!!

Harvest Time!

Thank you to everyone who donated items for harvest.These will be distributed to 'the gateway project' who help vulnerable people in our local community . Miss.Couchman frown 

Autumn is here!

Today we read with the year 2 children! They each brought a book and we shared it together. We loved listening to the stories and looking at all the pictures. 

Our Class of 2018

Today we had the Echo Newspaper visit North Crescent. They took a picture of our explorer class for their Reception intake yearly publication. 

The photographer commented that 'this class is one of the best behaved groups photographed this year'.