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1-6-20             Toys from the past

Mrs Barber's favourite toy,  when she was a child,  was a metal slinky which 'walked' down the stairs making a lovely noise. I know some of you have played with plastic ones but they do not go as well as the metal version. Here is a video clip of it


Slinky goes down the stairs

Find out about toys from the past. What toys did your parents play with? Can they show you a picture of the toy and explain how they played with it? Ask your grandparents or other older members of your family what they played with too.

Could you make a table and add the information you have found out and maybe draw a picture too.


Name Name of toy Picture of toy How did you play with the toy?

 Did anyone tell you about a toy that you would love to have and play with today?

Are there differences between the materials for toys today and in the past?

What do you prefer toys today or toys in the past? Why?

Questions about Queen Victoria - How much can you remember?

Don't worry if you haven't got a printer to print the sheet off; you can grab a pen and piece of paper to write your answers down.

Learn about famous sporty people

Have you ever been to see a football match?

Or watched a tennis match on TV?

Sporty people all over the world spend their lives training to compete in competitions such as the Olympic Games. But why do we compete and play sports?
People have always pushed themselves to be good at certain things, and sports are no different.

Sport can be hard, but it is also a good way to overcome many problems. Anybody can play sport; it doesn’t matter where somebody comes from or if they have a disability.
Read the Ebook ' I can be sporty'  below to learn about the lives of some super sporty people who have shown the world the amazing things people can do. Alsoincludes instructions to make a medal and create a shot put event.

Learn about the life and achievements of

Dr. Martin Luther King.

The life of Emmeline Pankhurst

Out of this world

Here are the names of three famous astronauts:
Neil Armstrong, Tim Peake and Yuri Gargarin. What can you find out about them? Could you make 
 a poster about the three astronauts.

What is the same about the moon and the earth and what is different?

Look at the video clip  below to help you answer this question.

Being a historian