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Our KS1 Christmas Production is on 29/11/19 @ 9:30am & 2:00pm - letters will be sent home soon with further details. :)

Home Learning

Sounds of the week

s a t i 

Words of the week

Mum Dad



The children are learning their letter sounds. 

To help them with their learning, we have sent home a sounds book that will be updated each week. 

Please help your child to look at and talk about the sounds in their book. 


Ideas to help your child.

  • You could help your child to find objects around your home that match the sounds. 
  • Sound bucket snap, using objects that start with the same sounds can be fun.
  • Find the sounds in their favourite book.
  • Write the sounds onto post-it notes and hide them, to make a sound treasure hunt.
  • Cut out pictures of sounds from a catalogue or magazine that matches the first sound or contains the sound.

    'S' could be a stone, socks, 'P' could be pop, top, tap.


We would really like to hear about your sound adventures, anything you do can be added to your child's learning journal. 






Our new home learning sheet is ready, we look forward to sharing what you bring in this half term.

Thankyou for the wonderful homework that you have sent in for us to share.


A new home learning menu will be sent out after half term. smiley

Our Home Learning

Our Home Learning 1
Our Home Learning 2