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Home PE challenges

Spotty Dog Challenge

Watch the video below to see how to do the spotty dog movement.


WABBA Spotty Dogs

The spotty dog movement originated from a children' cartoon called the Woodentops that was on television a long time ago. Watch the video below to see how the dog moves.  'Here comes Spotty Dog'.

Watch With Mother The Woodentops

How many Spotty Dog moves can you do in 10 seconds?

Watch below as Bobby does the Spotty Dog move. Can you beat Bobby's score?  

Home PE | Spotty Dogs Lesson


Baby Shark Scissor Challenge

Lay on your back. Stretch your legs out straight and lift them 15-20cms off the floor.

Open your legs until your feet are at least shoulder width apart and then bring them together again. Remember to keep your legs straight throughout this challenge.

How many of these can you do in 10 seconds? Send in your scores.

After the challenge have a go at the Abs challenge to the song Baby Shark. (second youtube clip)

Home PE | Baby Shark Challenge

Baby shark abs challenge!!

Around the sock

Try this challenge and see how many times you can pass a sock in 20 seconds.

You will need 4 individual socks to play this game.

Record how many socks you pass then repeat the activity to see if you can beat your score. Remember to message me ( and we can see who our champion is for this challenge.

Watch the clip below which explains the challenge to you.

Good luck smiley 

Home PE | Around The Sock