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Home Sports Day

North Crescent Stay at Home Sports Day

Wednesday 1st July - Wednesday 8th July

Take part inside or outside your home e.g. garden, lounge, hall etc..

Every activity you try earns you a point for you class, if your score is the highest your class gets more points. You will also earn a certificate so that you remember this event.  The class with the highest number of participants and points wins sports day.

Could it be Class 2?

Send photographs to


What do you need to do for Stay at Home Sports Day

Record your scores and send them in, you will get a point for trying and more if your score is the highest. All of the activities listed below will help with some form of PE skills e.g. strength, hand eye coordination, accuracy, speed, balance.


You can choose a selection of the activities or challenge yourself to complete them all. 

Whichever activities you choose to do, you will get an automatic point, as it is the participation that counts. You will also get a chance to win a bonus point.

Record your points on a piece of paper (or download score sheet in link below).