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Jane Perkins Portrait

Jane Perkins loves and creates artwork with an element of fun and the unexpected.

Each of her Found Material Collages is made from thousands of pieces of salvaged bric-a-brac which are carefully glued into place to make the picture. Random small objects are used; plastic toys, shells, beads, buttons etc. No colour is added to any of the materials – they are exactly ‘as found’.

Jane said  “I am a ‘re-maker’, taking inspiration from found objects and working them into something new. I love art with an element of fun and the unexpected, and hope my work will make you smile!” 

Jane Perkins shows us her studio

Below are some examples of her work. It can take her 3 weeks to complete each piece.


Your Project



What features do you have on your face?

Can you name them all?


To make a portrait of yourself / a friend / a pet / a toy's face / family member

First decide who or what you are creating a portrait of.

Then decide if you are using natural or recycled materials for your artwork.

Natural - leaves, sticks, grass, seeds etc..

Recycled - buttons, fabric, paper, card, plastic toys, shells, beads etc..

Here is an example of using natural materials for a portrait.  


  1. Gather your materials (natural or recycled)
  2. Follow instructions below for both kinds of materials. Whether using natural or recycled materials they can be glued  to a piece of paper or card if you would like to. If not just lay them out. 
  3. Make a face shape.  
  4. Add hair 
  5. Add eyes 
  6. Add nose 
  7. Add mouth 
  8. Take a photo of your finished artwork.