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July 20 & 21 and beyond

Egg project 


1) Use an egg, with permission and your challenge is to spend at least 10 minutes trying to balance it on its end. It is possible, so keep trying



2) Using 1 sheet of newspaper, art straws and tape - build a protective cage around your egg. Then when you're confident that it is protected drop from a height. 

Warning - if you're wrong then there could be an eggy mess!!!


Always wash you hands when handling raw eggs, especially when they're broken, and watch out for sharp edges


Have fun and good luck.


3) Watch and listen to this story of resilience and hope.

After the Fall by Dan Santat

It's the end of term, that went missing. The end of a weird school year. The end of primary school. 


But it is also the start of the summer holiday and then the beginning of a whole new chapter for you.

Have fun. Stay safe. Be organised. 


love from Mrs Strange wink



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