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This week in literacy we will be focussing on dragons and the Chinese New Year.  Have a try at some of the fun learning activities below:


How would you feel if a dragon came to school? 

Write a list of why it would be good (pros) or bad (cons) to have a dragon in school.


Pros Cons

He may be friendly and want to play.

He may want to eat us                
He may like stories and songs.

He may be too big to fit inside 

the classroom.


The animals in the Chinese New Year story have things they are good at, such as the dragon who is kind and the ox who is strong. What are you are good at? What are your friends is good at too?


I am good at drawing and making up stories. My friend, Mrs Cane is really good at singing.

Miss Richings 

Thursday and Friday

Can you and your grown up create a story about anything that you like.  It may be about one of your favourite stories, or perhaps about dragons.  Perhaps your grown up could scribe your story while you tell it. Below is an explanation of story scribing.