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Writing activites

Our writing gallery


In the classroom we are finding out about the Olympic champion sprinter and gold medalist Usain Bolt.

What facts do you know about Usain Bolt? 

Can you list some? 


Usain Bolt fundraised for Soccer Aid in 2019.

Do you know what football team he would like to play for?

Usain Bolt

15th June 2016


The children are now creating their own stories using different media.  In class the children made 3D models and drove their buses around the classroom. 

Our home learning children have enjoyed writing their stories too. 

7th June 2020

The Naughty Bus


Hello Explorers, 

Have you heard about the Naughty Bus? 

The children are making buses in the classroom this week. We will read the story and learn about buses.


We thought you could watch this video clip and learn about the naughty bus that goes on an adventure. 


This story is fantastic because you can make your own story about a bus too! 

What would your bus do?

Where would it go? 

What could you add to the story? 

You could create or write your own Naughty Bus story. You could tell us your story by using recording it but you might need an adult to help you. 


3rd June 2020


Hello Explorers,


We have had some exciting news from Mrs Coles.  She had some visitors in her garden but they only come out at night, they are Nocturnal. They have black hair, short legs and a white stripe on their noses. 

Can you guess who visited her garden?




Mrs Coles filmed them in her garden and we have a film clip for you to find out more information about Nocturnal animals. 

Badgers in Mrs Coles garden.


Here is a BBC short clip about badgers.


A link to an activity pack that can be printed to find out more about Nocturnal animals.

You might like:


We would enjoy seeing your pictures and activities. 

Have you seen a badger? 

What other Nocturnal animals have you seen? 


CVN has drawn a picture of a hedgehog and written some facts about nocturnal animals. 


Mrs Dolphin made a hedgehog with chocolate fingers! 


7th May 2020 

V.E Day challenge

Hi Explorers, 

Could you write a list of the things that you may need if you had a V.E day party? I have attached one that I have written.

Miss Richings

30th April 2020

Hi Explorers,

Today I went for a walk to the lake that is near to my home and I watched the different birds. I saw ducks, moorhens, geese, doves and pigeons.  I decided to make a fact sheet about the geese using some of the photo's that I had taken.  You can see it below.    

Your challenge this week is to make a fact sheet about an animal that you really like.  Perhaps it could be your pet? 

Have fun and remember that you can send them to me at


From Miss Richings

21st April 2020

Your writing challenge this week is to make up a story using some of the objects below.  It doesn't have to be very long and you can draw pictures and tell your grown up what happens if you prefer.  Perhaps you would like to help me to finish my story.


Can you make up your own story?

14th April 2020


Hi Explorers, 

I have added some fun minibeast challenges for you to try.  Perhaps you could talk with your grown up about what would happen if a snail came into our classroom and wanted to play!! What would you say to it? Would you let it play a game with you?

If you wanted you could write inside the speech bubbles what the ladybirds are saying to each other.  

Have a great time.


Week beginning 6th April 2020


Can you create your own story?

I have made one about Buzz Lightyear.  You can read it below or go to the reading section to watch a video of me reading my story. 



Week beginning 30th March 2020

Draw a picture of your family wearing colourful clothes.  Can you write some words or a sentence about what is happening?
Can you write a list of things that you can see in the fairground picture?