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A BIG thank you to our families and friends who were able to come along to our Christmas Fayre.*************************Thank you to all of the parent volunteers, children and staff who went the extra mile in support of the Christmas Fayre.**************************Join us at St Andrew's Friday 13th December at 1:30pm. All helpers to walk with us meets outside at approx 1pm***********************

Look at what we've been doing.

6-12-19 Christmas Fayre preparation

Class 6 had so many ideas for the fayre, but we settled on using our £20 to make some things to eat and games with prizes:

  • home-made ginger bread people
  • biscuits decorated to look like melted snowmen
  • name the an elf game
  • naughty or nice lucky dip
  • pin the nose on the reindeer


We had fun making and planning for the event. The children decided on the range of prices and made posters and signs to advertise our stall. Class 6 also provided several helpers to were able to stay late and man the stall. Well done everyone - it was a real team effort.



To encourage speaking and listening skills, we supported No Pen Wednesday. With no pens we solved physical and mental maths puzzles; read to inspire drama; read for pleasure and built blocks of code in computing. We learned skills and demonstrated our learning just as effectively - it was fun.

18-10-19 secret books

To make reading fun we wrapped books for each other to read over the holiday. The book we'd been reading in English The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane was such a popular choice that we had to make a waiting list for it.

16-10-19 Survival Swimming

For the final swimming session a great many of our class were tested on their survival skills in the water - they don't usually wear PJs for swimming. I am so proud of Class 6, every single pupil has made progress during our swimming lessons; whether it is in advanced techniques or feeling more confident in the pool.

8-10-19 Visitors from Beauchamps

As one of our local secondary schools, we have lots of contact this year. We were excited to welcome back H and S, along with Ms Bailey, who came to give some information about life at Beauchamps and answer questions what to expect in Year 7.


We had a great day; so many experiences! First we travelled by local bus, which was a first for some of our class. Canon Jane, from St Andrew's spotted us and popped over to say hello.

The first session of the day was learning about how to keep clean and safe on a farm. Did you know? That to clean your hands thoroughly you should wash for the time it takes to sing the Happy Birthday song twice. 

Next we learned about the crops that grow on the farm - wheat, barley and oil seed rape. Some of the ingredients went into the dough that we made to produce an individual pizza.

After lunch, we rode on a trailer pulled by a tractor, visited the museum and fed lots of animals.

We were fortunate to be rescued by the friendly driver, from the morning, from the heavy rain - and got an extra ride around Billericay.

You can see by the pictures that we had a lot of fun.

20-9-19 Climate Change Awareness

To show out support for raising awareness and our concerns about global climate change, joining the spirit of Greta Thunberg and the young people around the world,  we made a love-heart shape on our patch of green and pleasant land.


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19-9-19 Election Day

We enjoyed voting for Sport's Ambassadors; School Council and Eco Warriors. It was our turn, this year, to help with the election for the whole school.

13-9-19 Roald Dahl project

We drew and made keyrings and badges, with images from Roald Dahl books, to sell in a pop-up shop.

It was a great success and we made enough profit to buy treats, for an end of term party we're planning.


6-9-19 maths puzzles and games