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Magic maths challenge



Can you count in 2's, or more? 

This week we shaded in the squares on the numberline and noticed the patterns.

You can try this too.



Maths challenge.

Can you bounce and count in 2's?




Here are some maths challenges for you to try this week.


How many sports can you think of?  

What is your favourite sport?

You could ask your family and friends to help you make a list of their favourite sports.

What is the most popular sport? 

What is the least popular sport? 

Can you write the numbers? 


Counting is fun. 

This week we will be counting in 2s to 30 and 1s to 40.

Can you try this at home? 









One of our maths challenges this week is a number hunt. 

You could write your own numbers onto paper and hide them, or print off the ones we used in the classroom.

Can you remember where they are hidden? 


Another maths challenge this week came from our story.

The Naughty Bus drove through London town.

We looked at the picture and described some of the 3D shapes we could see. 

The children built 2D and 3D city scenes. 


CVN 3D Bus and other vehicles

5th June 2020

Some of the children in school discovered some ladybirds near the Eco Centre this week. We counted their spots.

We have added a ladybird game for you to try at home. 

How many ladybirds can you find? 

Can you count their spots carefully? 

CVN Home learning ladybird maths

16th May 2020

Hi Explorers, 

Cooking provides so many opportunities for the development of maths.  Have a look at the practical activity sheet that is attached below.  

7th May 2020

Can you colour a Union Jack by numbers?  Have a look at some of the other activities below.

24th April 2020


Amazing mathematicians!


21st April 2020

Hi Explorers,

Thankyou for your amazing home learning.  Keep practising counting up to 20 and beyond.  This weeks ideas are making 15 in different ways.  Can you find 15 toys (or objects) and see how many ways you can split them into groups.  

Try counting the 10 boats and the 5 cakes? How many does that make?  Can you write your answers down? 





                          10                         +                          5               =

14th April 2020

Explorers fun maths challenges this week are linked to minibeasts.


Can you sort out the different minibeasts in different ways? Perhaps wings or no wings? or spots or no spots? or perhaps by the amount of legs they have.  Also can you play the how many bugs in a jar game? There are lots of ways to play it, for example you could roll two (or more) dice and count that many mini beasts onto the jar board.  

I cant wait to see the pictures and hear all about it.



5th April 2020

What shapes can you find in your home or garden? What are they called? How many can you find? 

Have a look at the photos below to see what I found.

Miss Richings

Welcome to Magic maths

Still image for this video

Week beginning 30th March 2020

Counting cookies challenge


How many cookies can you count?

Can you write the number?

How many more will you need to make 20?

Can you line up 20 of your own toys?

Have fun


Dress the bear

Pattern making