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We are deep into the autumn term and we are lit-up with learning __________________________The school day is from 8:35 to 15:15___________________________Are you looking for a school place? Please see our Admissions tab under Key Information. We are always happy to show prospective pupils and their families around our school. Tours are always available.

Math Tasks

Wb 18-5-20

Wb 11-5-20

Wb 11-5-20

This week's White Rose lessons are based on revisiting fractions and finding area of rectangles. Give it a try and see what you remember!


Wb 4-5-20

This week's White Rose lessons are based on long multiplication. They go through some different written methods for you to try. Have a go!


Wb 27-4-20

This week's White Rose learning continues on with adding and subtracting decimals to the same and to different decimal places.


Wb 20-4-20

This week's White Rose lessons are based on adding and subtracting decimals. Use the website below to watch video clips, complete tasks and learn a new skill.

Try out this mastery activity code breaker to recap place value skills


Wb 13-4-20 & 20-4-20

Join the Live Battle​​​​​​ on TT Rockstars between Class 4 and Class 5! Also between Class 5 and 6! Use your times table skills to smash the competition. Get rockin' out and enjoy the show!



Use the White Rose link below to see daily slides and activities where you will learn new skills. Week 1 is based on decimals and converting fractions into decimals.

Week 2 is about rounding decimals and an introduction to percentages.

Week 2 - 30-3-20

Use the video below to refresh your memory on the fraction skills we did before breaking up.

Write a list of fraction calculations, just sticking to adding and subtraction. But remember to find a common denominator first using common multiples.

Then can you cancel down any of your answers using equivalent fractions?

Adding Fractions - different denominators

Adding fractions with different denominators, step by step, examples. For more free math videos visit

Week 1 - 23-3-20

Your challenge this week is to design a set of physical fraction cards that will help you to practise equivalent fractions. See the picture below for inspiration (remember cakes work just as well as pizzas!)

Also, don't forget you can use the websites below during your time at home. These will help you to keep n top of the skills we have been building on so far this year.

Have fun


Useful Links