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Play Sumdog this week in the school Sumdog competition.

Could Class 2 be the winning class?

   Times Tables Practise    

Please continue to practise your times tables whilst you are at home.

Click on the 'Times Tables' link at the top of our home class 2 page for songs and ideas of games to play which will help you memorise the multiplication facts. There are also downloadable sheets for each times table.

   Telling the Time   

I have loaded some videos ( click on egg timer below) to help you to learn about telling the time.  Watch them and practise each skill so that you can read :

o'clock times ( hour times)

Half past (half hour times)

quarter to and quarter past 

Time to the nearest 5 minutes. 

You also need to be able to draw the hands on the clock for all of these times. 

Can you remember that there are 60 minutes in an hour

and 24 hours in one day. 

Links to web pages for maths activities and games

Maths Activity Mats

Click on the calculator below to see some maths activity mats for you to download ( or copy from the screen) and complete.  Have fun!

Task 1: Comparing

Add the correct sign < > or = to the following tables.

Tables can be downloaded from link below or copied from the screen. 

Order these numbers from smallest to largest.

Task 2: Addition

Complete the addition calculations


Task 3: Subtraction

Complete the subtraction calculations

Task 4: Stone's Game


Draw some circles on the floor in a target style, like in the pictures above.

Choose some numbers (scores) to put in the circles (one number in each colour) the nearer the centre (the bull) the higher the score needs to be.

To play: 

1. Get three stones.

2. Stand outside the circles.

3. Throw each stone, aiming for the highest score.

4. Note the score where the stone lands, you can add the score for each pebble to find your total score. 

5. Take it in turns to play, repeating instructions.



Task 5: Number bonds to 10 

Play Go Fish

You will need: 4 sets of cards 1-9 

Task 6: Number bonds

Use your number bond knowledge to solve these similar number problems.

What patterns do you notice?

Complete the sentence below

A pattern that I notice is ...

Task 7 - Fact Families

Maths 8 - Money

How many ways can you make each of these totals?

15p        20p         £1       35p         50p         £1.50

What coins can you use?

You can do it practically with real coins or you can draw a purse/jar

and draw the coins inside of it. 

For example making 10p:

Now you have a try at finding different ways to make each of the totals

15p        20p         £1       35p         50p         £1.50


Mrs Barber says you can make £1 with just 3 coins. 

Do you agree or disagree?

Complete the sentence below:

I _____________ with Mrs Barber because ________________________ . 

Task 9  - Money

Order the amounts from largest to smallest.

Word Problems

Katie has bought a ball using the coins below.

Is Katie correct?

What other combinations of coins could she have used?

- - - - - - - - - - 

Sam has bought a toy car using some of the coins below.

Is Sam correct?

What other combinations of coins could he have used?


Task 10 - Measure

Can you read measurements on scales,

like weighing scales used in the kitchen?


Once you can read the scales why don't you try to make these yummy chocolate biscuits. Remember to read the scale carefully when weighing your ingredients.