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Meadowsong Project

Please return forms before Tuesday 14th June or give verbal permission via our office team by phone or 


Photo and film permission must be given on the form given. 

Change of plan! 


We will have a Meadowsong learning day on Friday 6th May (not Tuesday 3rd May). 

Wear clothes for outdoor learning and outdoor PE. PE will also take place on Wednesday as usual for this half term. 

Thank you. 



We began to learn the song Deep Dark Earth and then went and had a grand old dig into some soil. We looked at things we found in the soil and talked about what soil is:

  • organic matter (thing that are or were once alive)
  • inorganic matter (things that have never been alive)
  • water 
  • air 

We collected some stones which we could see were different from each other. We found roots, leaves, rotted fruit, worms (lots of worms), wasp larvae, spiders, ants,  plastic litter (booo!!!), charcoal and tiny fragments of glass. We even found a piece of slate, which appeared to have a leaf fossil imprint! Amazing! How did that get there?


Back in class (after a quick game of Drip. Drip. Drop) we made sketches of the shape we found, then used scratch paper to make a patchwork picture of the soil. We loved doing it. 



We listened to the whole song cycle. There are 4 songs especially written for this project. 


Deep Dark Earth 

Riddle song (part 1 and part 2)

Song of Summer

Marvellous Stories 



We shared the idea and plans for the Meadowsong project. We went for a walk around our field and copse, to see which flowers grow there. We also scattered some wildflower seeds in a patch.