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Messages and Children's work during class closure

Welcome to the Home Learning for Class 2's closure time.

Hello everyone!

Send your work to 

    27-11-20   Good Morning   

Welcome to Friday, our last Home Learning Day before we return to school on Monday. See if you can make it a bumper Home Learning inbox today.

Keep playing Sumdog, whole school competition ends at 2pm today.  Well done to the following children who are showing fantastic maths skills, these were your places in the competition as of yesterday  - 1st place Jack, 2nd place Sophia, 3rd place Henry, 6th Place Lewis and 8th place Will.  Superstars. 

I am really looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday, back in our classroom and learning together again. 

Enjoy your time at home and see you soon

Mrs Barber


In our Home Learning inbox today...

Jack has been busy again today playing Sumdog, reading his books and practising his times tables and spellings. smiley Well done Jack. smiley

The whole school Sumdog competition  final results were:

1st place-Jack

2nd place - Sophia

4th place - Henry

6th place - Lewis

8th place - Will

  A fantastic result from all of you.  

  26-11-20 Good Morning  

Welcome to Thursday

I am so proud of you Class 2. We have 5 children in the top 10 of the whole school Sumdog competition. 1st Jack, 2nd Sophia, 5th Lewis, 7th Henry and 8th Will.

Keep playing as we only have 2 days left before the winner will be revealed!

Brilliant maths from you all. 

Well done to the children that are reading at home and great to see you using the new electronic reading logs. These logs will continue when we return to school ( in place of the Partnership Books)  so if you have not tried them then please have a look. 

I can't wait to see what you send me today.

Take care, stay safe and have fun!

Mrs Barber

In our Home Learning inbox today...

We have our very own weather watcher in Class 2. Jamie has been very busy watching the weather each day and recording the information on a table. He also recorded the time it got light in the morning and the time it got dark in the evening. Can you look at the tables and see what Jamie found out about the length of the days in the fortnight he was recording the information? He also recorded the temperature each day. 

Fantastic weather watcher Jamie.  smiley Well done. smiley



25-11-20   Good Morning   

Welcome to Wednesday.

Thank you for all the lovely work you sent in yesterday, what an amazing variety of learning. You are being so busy at home. Well done to you. 

Please remember to read each day if you can.

Please feel free to message me 

if you have any problems .

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Barber  

In our Home Learning inbox today...

Jack imagined he was a great explorer on a journey to the North Pole.

What a great poster that lists all the things he will put in his backpack

and a picture of the North Pole too.

I like your map of your route to school and that you noticed the

telephone box and bus stop on your way.  smiley Brilliant work Jack. smiley


Super reading comprehension  about Deep Sea Explorers

and you completed all 3 sets of questions too. smiley Well done Jack. smiley


Fantastic maths using your number bonds and you have moved into 1st place in our school Sumdog competition today. smiley Well done Jack. smiley



  24-11-20   Good Morning   

Welcome to Tuesday.

Thank you very much for all the lovely work in our Home learning inbox yesterday. It was also great to see children using the new Bug Club logins to read the Phonics books and entering the books that they  have read at home on the electronic reading logs. After the first day of the Sumdog whole school competition, class 2 are doing really well.

2nd place Sophia, 4th place Lewis, 5th place Will and 6th place Henry. Fantastic results.  Well done to all of you

Take care and stay safe, Mrs Barber.

In our Home Learning inbox today...

Wow! Harry has been growing crystals, amazing and what a beautiful colour. It must have been great watching the changes each day. Did you photograph or draw each day?

Some pictures from Harry too. Well done Harry. smiley



Learning  time skills

Super hour and half hour times. smiley Well done. smiley 

Another busy day 

A master chef in the making, what lovely cakes. They look yummy. smiley


Getting ready for Christmas , making fantastic paper chains.

Great maths work on Sumdog, you are now in 1st place in the school competition.

smiley Super maths skills. smiley

Fantastic to hear you are taking part with Joe Wicks to keep fit and healthy.

What a brilliant  day, well done. 


Creative Time

You have been busy making your weapons.

Are they from the Viking times?

   23-11-20 Good Morning    

Welcome to our second week of home learning. Please try to read every day, practise your phonics  and try to do some form of exercise or activity  to keep you healthy too.  There is another whole school Sumdog competition this week so have a go and see if you can  be the winner., Last week the final scores put Jack in 6th place, Will in 7th place and Henry in 13th place. Well done to you all for representing Class 2 in the competition. Look out for some coins coming your way from me smiley. I am looking forward to opening the Home Learning inbox later today to see what lovely photos you have sent me. 

Take care and keep safe. Mrs Barber

P.S. Exciting news

Today you will receive a login to Bug Club and details of how to access. This is an online learning site for reading books aligned with the phonic phases taught in school. It is so important during these difficult times to keep reading and this site provides fun activities too.  Also in Google Classroom your child has been set up with an electronic reading log which replaces the partnership books which we used to record your child's reading and number of reads.  If they have Golden Tickets these can be seen in these new reading logs. Please record your child's reading on these logs. (Please do not 'submit' or 'turn in' these documents they are live and can be viewed and edited by you and the school). I can't wait to see how much you have been reading at home.

An example is shown below.



In our Home Learning inbox today...

Jack has read, practised his spellings and his 5 x tables today. Well done Jack.

Busy, busy busy!

Wow Sophia you have been busy.

Handwriting and spelling of the common exception words. Well done smiley


Learning your weekly spellings  and writing some sentences

using your nouns and adjectives. Well done Sophia. smiley


Super maths - ordering numbers and the 5x table.


Great phonics activity and a wonderful rainbow collage. 


Amazing  pictures of a tree in different seasons. Well done Sophia. smiley


Super artwork from Isaac


Busy with some addition calculations, well done Isaac. smiley

Isaac also sent me an awesome video of himself reading the book

Penguin by Dolly Dunbar. What great fun ! Well done Isaac. smiley



20-11-20 Good Morning  

Welcome to Friday

Wow, it is Friday already, what a busy week you have had. It has been lovely to see your learning  and I hope you have liked looking at what everybody has been doing. 

It is the last day of this weeks whole school Sumdog competition (finishes at 2pm), at the moment we have Jack in 5th place, Will in 6th place and Henry in 13th place. Well done boys keep going and lets see what the results will be by the end of the competition. It is not too late for others to join in the competition too. Keep sending in the photographs  of your learning.  Please remember to read every day and keep a note of the number of reads which will all count towards  Golden Tickets.

I can't wait to see what will be in our inbox today.

Take care, have fun and stay safe.

Mrs Barber

In our Home Learning inbox today...

Violet has been busy learning her 2, 5 and 10 x tables and her number bonds to 20.

Super maths learning. She has also practised her spellings. smiley Well done Violet. smiley




  19-11-20 Good Morning  

Welcome to Thursday.

Remember to take part in the whole school Sumdog competition to see if Class 2 can be the winners and to have a go at some of the Road Safety Week activities which can be found underneath the individual subject resources.  You will be receiving an email with a login for 'Emile' a site to practise your English and Maths skills. This is a free trial so nothing to pay to access.    Please try it and let me know what you think of it.  Have any of you made a rain gauge? It is a lovely day for collecting and measuring the rainfall today. 

I am looking forward to seeing your learning today.

Take care Mrs Barber

In our home learning inbox today ...

smiley Wow! What a fantastic  Gingerbread House. smiley


Super maths  work on Sumdog and then comparing numbers.

smiley Fantastic work smiley 



A super workout - great exercises and you coached your dad and brother too.

You also completed the phonic workbooks to practise  for your phonics screening check

smiley Well done, great work.  smiley


Jamie has been busy with super maths work and practicing his times tables. He also worked at spelling and writing his common exception words. 


Jamie has been adding and subtracting and using his drawing skills

to produce a lovely picture of Rufus.     smiley  Well done Jamie.  smiley



  18-11-20 Good Morning 

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying your learning at home.  It was great to see work from four children in the Home Learning inbox  yesterday. A lovely selection of activities on our weather and seasons theme.  Please remember that most activities can be copied from screen and that you do not have to print them.  You also have access to Google Classroom ( see login in the front of the children's partnership books) where there are also a selection of activities for you to try. You can  send me messages on Google Classroom to let me know how you are or how you found an activity. Take part in the whole school Sumdog competition this week. Can Class 2 be the winners?

I look forward to hearing from you. Take care. Mrs Barber 

In our home learning inbox today ...

Super Maths Benjamin

smiley Well done Benjamin fantastic maths. smiley


  17-11-20 - Good Morning  

It was great to open the home learning inbox yesterday and see photographs of super work from Jack and Harry, take a look below. Well done boys and thank you  for sharing with me. I look forward to seeing some more photographs in the inbox today.  I also received the results for the TTRS Maths England Competition. Congratulations to Benjamin for taking part in the competition and having the highest score in Class 2.


In our home learning inbox today ...

Sophia has been busy learning at home, she has  written some great weather acrostic poems and sorted weather words into nouns and adjectives, could you write some descriptive sentences with these words?


Sophia has practised her handwriting and spelling of the common exception words for year 2 and chosen her mum and the doctors  for being kind.  I bet your mum liked hearing that you appreciated what she does for you. smiley Well done Sophia. smiley 



Wow! Another Hoctopize has joined our family. I love the feathers and his two little friends duck and rabbit. Do they have names? smiley Well done smiley


Well done Will. You have drawn a lovely picture of the four seasons and written an acrostic weather poem too. I like the word 'unstable' using the prefix 'un'. 

smiley Great work smiley


Jack has been busy practising his spellings and solving subtraction number sentences.

Then Jack identified the nouns and adjective in the weather words and wrote some super sentences using them . smiley Super work Jack. smiley



smiley    16-11-20 - Good morning.   smiley 

Today will be a strange day for all of us as we go back to learning remotely like you did in Year 1.  I will miss you all but I am looking forward to hearing from you and seeing all the wonderful things you are doing at home. Don't forget to send your photos/ work to and I will put it on this page. 

I have put a selection of activities on our class page under the heading

'Home Learning Activities and messages during Class 2 closure'(Previous page). Please select from these subject icons each day and let me know how you get on.

Take care. Mrs Barber

Super learning from Harry and Jack today 

smiley Well done Harry, great phonic and spelling practise. smiley 


smiley Super maths - addition calculations. Well done Harry you are a maths whizz. smiley 

smiley Fantastic  addition calculations and creative work well done Jack smiley


smiley I love your season trees and rainbow collage. Did you sing the rainbow song too? smiley