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We are deep into the autumn term and we are lit-up with learning __________________________The school day is from 8:35 to 15:15___________________________Are you looking for a school place? Please see our Admissions tab under Key Information. We are always happy to show prospective pupils and their families around our school. Tours are always available.



Recap of previous sounds learnt

Flashcards – teach your monster to read virtual flashcards (attached)

Write tricky words –

I, no, to, go, into the,

he, she, we, me, be, was, you, they


Read the following words –

with  w-i-th                   jazz   j-a-zz                             rain     r-ai-n

shed  sh-e-d                   boxing   b-o-x-i-ng                    thing     th-i-ng

chop ch-o-p                    rucksack    r-u-ck-s-a-ck              catch    c-a-t-ch

quit   qu-i-t                    stiff       s-t-i-ff                          visit      v-i-s-i-t

queen   qu-ee-n


How many sentences can you make?  Say then out loud

For example - The queen went to visit the shed.


Have a look at the picture of sheep 2 by Joe Fan 1962 

Can you draw your own sheep?

What would it look like?

Where would the sheep be standing? 

What is in the background?

What would you use to make it ie. pencils/chalk/crayons etc

When you have finished drawing can you write some labels to describe your picture.

A book about sheep

Sheep in a Jeep! By Nancy Shaw | Children's Book Read Aloud


This week in number fun we will be focussing on number bonds to 10.  These are numbers that make 10.  For example 6 and 4 make 10. There are several activities attached below.


       Super stepper - instructions for a fun and active number game 

  • Provide a starting line (you could chalk a line on the floor or point to a specific place in the room/garden to start)
  •  Together  take 10 giant steps, 10 tiny steps, 10 jumps, 10 tiptoes etc.
  • How far do you  travel each time?
  • Who can travel the furthest in 10 giant steps?
  • Who can travel the shortest distance with 10 tiny steps?

Other activities

Come Outside - Bulbs