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Music Tasks

Wb 18-5-20 The one where we show you where all the music came from

Wb 11-5-20 The one where we learn the Tonic Solfa

DO a deer, a female deer, RE a drop of golden sun, MI, a name I call myself...what does this all actually mean? Today, we learn the Tonic Solfa and how to re...

Wb 4-5-20 The one where the Klasses play the glasses!

A basic guide to how sound is made and we build a mini Glass harp too... bring your glasses, join in'

Wb 27-4-20 The one where we learn about how to colour music and what 'Timbre' means!

Timbre, Tamber, timber? What does it actually mean...and how do you actually say it?!

Wb 20-4-20 The one where we learn about dynamics and say them in Italian

Follow up from this lesson if you want to have a recap)

Wb 30-3-20 The one where I teach you the difference between major and minor and maybe play the piano backwards!

Learn the difference between major and minor chords and the way the can make you feel.

Wb 23-3-20 The one where we learn basic rhythms and then play your name

Clap along with Myleene as she teaches the different types of notes when reading sheet music.