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Navigators Y6



Odd Socks 2021


Well done and thank you to all the children who took part in the odd socks fundraising. Here is a photo from year 6 - an odd bunch for sure! smiley

Welcome to the Summer Term! smiley

From Wednesday 15th June 2022, Navigators 6 will begin swimming lessons as part of our PE curriculum.


  • Lessons will be at Wickford pool, staff be walking with pupils, from school after lunch and then walking back.
  • Pupils will need:                                       

                              Swimming trunks for boys

                              Swimming one-piece swimming suit


                              Long hair must be tied up

                              A sturdy bag to carry all belongings.


Please ensure trunks and suits fit. Your child will be given a hat, which we wash and keep at school. Do check your emails for any details or changes, sent from the school office.  


In addition, on Wednesday mornings, we will have dance with Mrs Perrins. Please wear suitable PE clothing on these days, avoiding all jewellery.