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We hope you have fun this summer and we will see you ready to learn on Friday 3rd September. Be safe out and about. Be safe around water. Be safe in the sun.

School Update 19th May 2020

Dear Parents/ Carers,


As promised, I write to update you further regarding the Government plans to re-open schools.

Following a Zoom meeting this morning, and in light of further updates today, I am not as yet able to confirm further details. Every aspect of safety for all is being considered based on staffing, building layout and room capacity; planning is key.

An initial survey of years 2,3,4,5 Key worker provision has been undertaken to gather required numbers for this priority provision.   

The list for additional provision is, in order of directed priority-

1. EYFS.

2. Year 1.

3. Year 6.

We will be collecting information from families within these year groups.

Thank you for your continued support


Annie Griffin