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We hope you have fun this summer and we will see you ready to learn on Friday 3rd September. Be safe out and about. Be safe around water. Be safe in the sun.

Year 6 update

Dear Parents,


We are proud of the way our schools have managed in these very difficult times. Our intention remains firmly focused on the Health and Safety of all within our community, balancing the ever-changing government advice with the welfare of our children. Our risk assessments have enabled us to successfully return Reception, Year 1 and key worker children to school and maintain online learning for our other year groups. We note the latest Local Authority figures that state only 42% of schools have managed to follow the government’s directions in some form.


Like many schools we continue to see a high number of staff in isolation preventing us from returning all children to school. Our approach is to review our risk assessments each week and plan accordingly. We would assure you that we will not break social distancing advice to increase numbers in rooms just to get children into school. Such a foolhardy action is little comfort to those who lose a loved one to this dreadful virus. Although, the talk is of easing restrictions I would draw your attention to the official guidance below, which emphasises the pandemic is not over.  


Public health have advised that staff and children should not return to school after having a positive test and completing their isolation period, if they still have any of these symptoms:

•           a high temperature or feeling hot and shivery

•           a runny nose or sneezing

•           feeling or being sick

•           diarrhoea

•           loss of appetite


We understand completely the confusion caused when the government made the decision whether to open or not to schools, as some schools opened whilst others remained closed. These differences are a result of each school’s individual risk assessment, directed by its insurers, which addresses its buildings, staffing and adherence to the government’s advice. Risk Assessments are not static documents and our cautious approach is to prevent having to close a year group we have already returned.


Our challenge remains Year 6 and we are striving to include them in some form. We hope we can create something celebratory by the end of the term.


You will be notified as soon as decisions have been made.


Yours sincerely


Mr P. Malcolm