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Next week...

Week beginning 16th March 2020

Ideas for next week are as follows:

Physical development - Wildlife garden - build a home for a mini-beast 

Personal/social development -   turn taking, zones of regulation bingo

Communication/language - What is your favourite mini-beast and why?

Literacy -  scribing stories. Phonics phase 3. Exploring non fiction books. writing our names with quills (like William Shakespeare)

Maths - one more than a specific single digit number.  Positional language

Understanding of the world - William Shakespeare week

Expressive arts and design - 'bug ball' in the hall. paint a mini-beast headband



Week beginning 9th March 2020

The very hungry caterpillar


Ideas for next week are as follows:

Physical development - PE, developing cutting skills and using tools.

Personal/social development -  acting stories, turn taking

Communication/language - key person time

Literacy -  scribing stories. Phonics phase 3

Maths - one more than a specific single digit number.  Positional language

Understanding of the world - Brilliance assembly. Mini beasts

Expressive arts and design - colour mixing and symmetrical painting.

Week beginning 2nd March 2020

The very busy spider


Ideas for next week are as follows:

Physical development -  developing fine motor skills - dough disco

Personal/social development - Key person time - listening to others ideas.

Communication/language - key person time - observing spiders

Literacy -  scribing stories. Phonics phase 3

Maths - one more than monkey game

Understanding of the world - St Davids day. Finding out about spiders and continuing working with minibeasts.

Expressive arts and design - painting our favourite minibeast

Week beginning 20th January 2020

Ideas for next week are as follows:

Physical development - PE - developing ball skills (throwing/catching)

Personal/social development - independently selecting activities. turn taking. Self selection of a healthy snack and socialising with peers at the table while eating.

Communication/language - following one and two step instructions during PE and key person time.

Literacy -  Creating and labelling a poster. Phonics phase 2 and phase 3

Maths - Sharing and grouping objects

Understanding of the world - Trip to the library (to be divided into two groups over one month). Chinese New Year.  I Pads

Expressive arts and design - music session incorporating nursery rhymes.


W/B - 2nd December 2019


We will be learning a few songs for our forthcoming visit to Chaplin Lodge and Christmas performance.

We will be making  some reindeer food to sell at the school fayre.

Plus we will be learning via  playing, exploring, creating, getting messy, muddy, and having lots of fun.

Miss Richings


Welcome back.

The children will be listening, singing and acting out poems during world nursery rhyme week. 


We will be learning some of these nursery rhymes during the week.

  • Down in the jungle.
  • Incy Wincy Spider
  • Row row row your boat
  • 5 little ducks


On the 22nd of November, we will be having a professional storyteller visit our class.  This will be a fantastic opportunity for the children to listen and share some of their favourite books. 



October half term holidays 2019

Please keep reading, writing and counting over the holidays. 

Have a fabulous break.


Next week, we will continue our topic of All About Me as the Explorers will be investigating and learning about how things grow and change.



Over the week, the children will plant their cress seeds during Key Group time and taste some healthy cereals.


You could watch how Mr Bloom grows cress on Cbeebies.

Here is the link.



The children will also learn about the Festival of Harvest and why it is celebrated.


Do You Like Cereal?

Numicom will be used to measure and count carefully,  We will collect data of likes and dislikes during our cereal tasting challenge.



Be careful ...

The dinosaurs might just stomp and crush the cereals!