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🌱🌱🌱Welcome to the Spring term - lit up with learning 🌱🌱🌱............😋😋😋Special Lunch Menu Thursday 20th January - see notices for details 😋😋😋............ 🏊🏊🏊Adventurers 3 PE Wednesdays gym and swimming...see the class page for details🏊🏊🏊

Our Day

School Day Times


Drop Off and Collection from FRIDAY 3rd September 2021


As long as we have no further Covid restrictions, both gates will be open in the morning and evening (North Crescent red double gate on the playground and Hyde Way black gate).


Children may enter through either gate and make their way independently to their classes. If you have a child who needs additional support in the morning please use the Hyde Way gate as we have an additional adult on that gate to help. Alternatively, arrange to take your child to the school office. 


Families may enter and exit through either gate at the end of the day to collect their children. There will not be a one-way system. 


On the first day back, 3rd September 2021, and for the following week, the teachers will meet their classes on the playground each morning and they will go through to their new class together. 


As there will be no social distancing restrictions in place we will be able to go back to our normal drop off and collection times.

The gates will open in the morning at 8.40am and close at 8.50am.
If your child arrives after that time they will need to enter via the school office so that they can be marked in on the register and a note of their lunch choice taken.
When the main gates close, teachers leave their classroom doors to take their registers. As such the grounds are not supervised so pupils must come via the office.  


Formal teaching starts at 8.55am. If your child arrives at 8.40am instead of 8.50am they get an extra 50 minutes of learning time a week through directed morning activities. That’s over 31 extra hours of learning in a year or over 220 extra hours in their time at our school! Conversely, if they arrive at 8.50am instead of 8.40am, they will lose out on 37 days of learning whilst at our school, even more if they arrive late!


The gates will open in the afternoon at 3.15pm and close at 3.25pm.
At 3.25pm any remaining pupils will be taken to the school office to await your collection.
This will enable clubs and staff training to start on time at 3.30pm. 


Persistent lateness either drop-off or pick- up is a safeguarding concern and may result in social care involvement. This is also true for persistent absence, that being attendance below 90% if the attendance is unauthorised.