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Part One

Big Feelings - Part One

Maz, the alien, has been exploring different types of feelings and

today we are going to help him to look at 'Big Feelings'.

Activity 1:

Maz is having a 'big feeling'. He knows it is a 'big feeling' because his body is tense and  shaking, and his fists are tight. Do you know what his feeling might be?

(Maz is feeling really angry).

Draw Maz with a speech bubble


Write in the speech bubble what Maz might say to someone to tell them how he is feeling. 

Draw a box  

In the box , write or draw 2 things that he can do that might help him with his big feeling.

Activity 2:

Sometimes  big feelings don’t start off as big feelings, they can start as little feelings but if they don’t go away they can grow and grow until they become big feelings.

Sometimes we can do things to help us calm down, but sometimes these feelings can get bigger and bigger until they can change how we behave or how we get on with other people or how we see the world, a bit like blowing up a balloon until it gets bigger and bigger and finally pops.

Below are some feelings words that Maz has found.

Can you read them and think of any more feelings to add to the list?

happy scared calm
angry peaceful excited
glad sad relaxed
frustrated confident sleepy
confused exhausted  

Which of these feelings are 'big feelings'?

Can you sort the feelings into 3 groups?

little feelings big feelings  unsure     





What can you tell Maz about how feelings can get bigger?