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Part Two

Part Two

Big Feelings and Behaviour

Activity 1:

Read the scenario about Maz below.

Can you say how the big feeling has affected Maz's behaviour?

Maz finds out that his best friend from his home planet is coming to earth to visit him.  Maz starts talking really loud and fast and shouts and whoops, he is jumping up and down and spinning round and round. He starts to jump  and bounce  on the sofa, even though the grown ups tell him not to.  Ooops! He makes a tear in the cushion. Maz realises that he is having a big feeling that is affecting his behaviour.


Talk to a grown up about Maz's behaviour. Can you answer these questions?

  1. Can you identify the big feeling that Maz is having?
  2. How is the big feeling changing Maz's behaviour?
  3. Which parts of Maz's behaviour are not so good?
  4. Can you suggest ways that he could make the situation better?
  5. What could you do to help Maz or what advice would you give him?


Possible answers:

    1. Maz is excited.

    2. Maz is talking fast and loud / jumping around / shouting out, jumping on the sofa.

    3. Jumping on the sofa, tearing the cushion and ignoring the grown-ups. 

   4.  Maz could talk to an adult about his feelings.

   5.  Feeling excited is a good feeling but any big feeling can affect our behaviour in not so good ways and it's this that Maz needs some help to manage.


Like all feelings our  'big feelings' can change and can get smaller, just like a balloon goes down. Talking to an adult will not always solve a problem but it might start to help you feel better. This is because adults have experience and can come up with ideas that might help you to feel better.

Activity 2:

Listen to the book below

The Great Big Book of Feelings by Mary Hoffman

The Great Big Book of Feelings by Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith story time with Laura's Story Corner

Activity 3:

Can you think of things that Maz could do to help him when he has 'big feelings' and some of the things he should not do?


Talk about it.

Do something to help him calm down.

Remember that feelings can change.

Do not hurt himself.

Do not hurt others.

Do not hurt things or property.


Everyone experiences 'big feelings', even adults. It is how we deal with them that is important and  it is never right to hurt someone because of how we are feeling. It is always best to speak to a parent or a trusted adult in school if you are having trouble with any feelings, big or small, or if you are feeling particularly sad, scared or worried about something.


Activity 4:

Maz received some text messages from his friends who want to ask him for advice. What advice would you give to each of Maz's friends?

  • Grace (age 7) said

 " I am feeling so angry today. I wonder what can help me feel better. Any ideas?"

  • Ali (age 6) said

"What do you do when you feel excited?"

  • Milo (age 8) said

 " I need some quiet time because I feel exhausted, who should I tell?"

  • Tali (age 5) said

​​​​​​​ " I am really scared - I feel sick in my body, what will help?"


Do you think that we have helped Maz and his friends to understand his feelings?

Is there anything else you could tell them that would help them?

Who or what helped you when you had a 'big feeling'?