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Whether you are a returning pupil or new or starting school, we wish you all a warm welcome to North Crescent for the Autumn term.


Our new sounds this week are sh and th



sh-o-p     shop

sh-i-p    ship

f-i-sh    fish

sh-e-d     shed

c-a-sh    cash

r-a-sh     rash

sh-o-ck     shock

sh-e-ll     shell

r-u-sh     rush

Blend for reading

shop, ship, fish, shed, cash, rash, shock, shell, rush


Can you write the words? 


Can you make up three sentences including some of the 'sh' words?



Oral Blending –

m-o-th    moth

th-i-ck     thick

th-i-n    thin

b-r-o-th     broth

w-i-th    with

th-e-n    then

th-i-s    this

th-e-m     them


Blend for reading

moth, thick, thin, broth, with, then, this, them


Practise reading and writing tricky words

the  to  I  no  go  into  he  be  we  me  was

new words

you  they



.Lesson 45 (part 1)- Reception

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