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Phonics and Reading Fun!

Welcome to the phonics page. Phonics is our way of helping your child to read and write.  It teaches children the sounds represented by different letters and groups of letters.

Phonics is fun and lays the foundation for key English skills.  It is taught throughout the school and starts in Early Years.  At North Crescent we follow  Letters and Sounds, a systematic synthetic phonics scheme of work. Letters and Sounds enables children to see the relationship between reading and spelling from an early stage, such that the teaching of one reinforces understanding of the other. Decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling) are treated as reversible processes.  The teaching and learning of spelling continues onto our spelling scheme - Topical Spelling.


In reading, we use Book Bands and Bridging Bands to differentiate our reading materials.  Within this, children may read books from the Oxford Reading Tree, Badger, Collins and Rigby Star reading schemes.  Book Bands work on a colour-coded system and work throughout the school.  We warmly encourage you to supplement school reading books with ones from the local library and those that you may wish to purchase yourselves.  If you would like any advice on supporting your child with reading then please get in touch.


Likewise, If you  have any more questions about phonics, then please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Meanwhile have a look at these exciting websites - the children play these games in school and would love to play them at home too! – free activities and advice on differentiation/application of phonics. 

(Please be aware some activities available to subscribers only.) – general information about each phase with printable resources and games.  - phonic activities



This is a free site for the children to practise their letter sounds. It is great fun and the children learn whilst playing games. Try it please.

The game is also available as an app but this is not always a free app and may need to be purchased. 

These are a great resource to read online or they are available to print as PDF's.

The comics are available for each phase of Letters and Sounds.