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Prefix un

Adding the prefix un

Adding un to the start of a word gives it the opposite meaning.

lucky   ----->    unlucky

Task 1:

Can you find the words below that you can add un to? Write out the new words.


              do      pick      appear       afraid      tidy      fair       usual      possible

                  real      popular       even       polite        safe       well       load


Task 2:

Can you write two sentences using any of the un words that you found?

e.g. My bedroom is never untidy.


Task 3:

Can you add  un to the words below and use them to complete the sentences?

    lucky         well         healthy         happy        wrap

It is _____________ to eat too much chocolate.

I couldn't go to school because I was feeling _________.

On my birthday I can ____________ my presents.

Sam was very ____________ when her football team lost.

How _____________ that they were caught in the rain!


Task 4:

Can you think of your own sentence with a missing un word for someone in your family to complete.


Task 5:

Can you complete the wordsearch below to find the 'un' words. 


Look at these words. Their opposite words do not start with un.

Can you use a dictionary to find out their opposite words?

         possible          agree        perfect           honest