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Looking for extended hours? Our breakfast club opens at 7.40am and we have an after school provision until 5.30pm, bookings are to be made 1 week in advance. **Parents Evening is now bookable for Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th October, please book through the website/email link**

Reading Comprehension

Read the rhyming story Knights and Dragons Unite!

This humorous rhyming story follows Aristar the dragon and Sir Gorrell the knight, two characters who no longer want to do what is expected of them and want to follow their own path instead.  Then answer the questions.

Find out about Sea Explorers

Read the text to find out about three explorers and their missions to discover below the waves. Then answer the questions.


Choose a book to read.

  • Look at the front cover of your book and write a prediction on what you think the book will be about. Use clues from the front cover and the title. 

You could start your sentences using some of the following sentence starters:

I wonder if...            I predict...             I think that ...              I bet that...

I imagine...              I think ... will happen because ...             

I think what will happen next is ...  because ....

  • Read the book and summarise in a few sentences verbally or written what the book was about. Was your prediction correct?
  • Can you retell the story to someone?
  • Can you retell the story again and change a part of it e.g. different  ending?