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Reading For Pleasure

April 2020 RfP at home

December 2019

Through Juniper Education we are going to take part in a project, which promotes reading communities. I have invited a selected group from Class 5 to a book club, where we will read newly published books (follow the link below) and write reviews, which are used to judge a winning author from the selection and best review.


Autumn 2019 English Hub - Reading for Pleasure


Since September, I have been engaged with the English Hub. centred around Elmhurst School near Stratford. So far we have explored strategies for positive impact on reading enjoyment and engagement.

At North Crescent I have:

  • trailed wrapping books to take home
  • regular messages in partnership books to prompt reading
  • maintaining our Golden Ticket reward system
  • creating waiting lists for popular books
  • engaging in informal book chat
  • recommending books which complement the pupil's current choice
  • from assessment along with frequency of reading out of school, classes have a priority list of readers, who require additional support
  • bidding for awards, which will improve our book selection
  • begun a book club


In addition, phonics in EYFS and Classes 1 and 2 have been re-scheduled; new decodable books have been bought; the library has been redecorated, our library books have been reorganised (old books were donated to a charity, which distributes donations overseas schools in need) and engaged with the Essex library service.


Next steps are to record the strategies, which a focus on reading communities, towards a research project in partnership with the OU. Collect baseline data of TaRs (teachers as readers), parents and the pupils and then by implementing strategies, looking for a change in the data.