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North Crescent Primary School

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Parent tours are available for your child starting school in September 2022! Please contact the school office for details on 01268 765905 :-)

Reading & Phonics


At North Crescent we promote a love of reading. it is the most important skill to learn and crucial in every school subject and throughout life. We  read  every day at school, but we also want the children to read regularly at home.


When you listen to your child read please write in the Partnership Book:

  • The page your child has read to
  • Any relevant comments about their reading.
  • Any words that your child finds difficult.
  • sign your name/initials on the day read


Reading should be a relaxed and enjoyable time for you both therefore offer praise and encouragement for all your child's efforts. Talk about the book together to further your child's understanding of the text and its key features.


The children will have the opportunity to change their reading books  daily if their Partnership Book has been signed.

    Golden Ticket Scheme    

Each time that your child reads at home will be counted towards a Golden Ticket (up to 3 reads a day) . A Golden Ticket is earned for ten reads which is celebrated in our weekly assembly.

At the end of each term there is a draw from the Golden Ticket Box and the child’s ticket that is pulled out receives a £10 voucher. The more times your child reads the greater their chances of winning the £10 voucher.

For every 50 reads the children will 'bank' 50p. When they have at least £1 'banked' staff will arrange for a visit to a local shop where the children can spend their money on a treat.