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Winter Light Festival is this Thursday at 5pm. Look forward to seeing you all :-)

Reading Tasks

Wb 11-5-20 Watch or listen to the first chapter of Philosopher's Stone - then try these quiz questions!

4-5-20 Test out your reading comprehension skills with the activity below:


Are you missing reading from our class book The Creakers? Well, you're in luck.... Here's the author Tom Fletcher reading the beginning chapters! A nice little reminder of the fun we were having in school. (Don't worry though guys, I have every intention to finish reading this one to you!)


Puffin Storytime | The Creakers with Tom Fletcher | Puffin Storytime

This Storytime (3:30pm) dive into the incredible, dangerous world under the bed with Tom Fletcher reading The Creakers! Imagine waking up to find that all th...

Wb 20-4-20

Why not try these 60 second read activities below?

They are a great way to keep up your comprehension skills whilst at home. 

Do try your best to keep reading your favourite books too.

I have been enjoying "Wonder" by RJ Palacio. It truly is Wonder-ful!


Wb  30-3-20

Read the passage below and have a go at answering the questions.

We use 'S' to summarise when using VIPERS at school. Remember it is a brief outline of the main events in the story.

Don't forget - you can also get stuck into a good book whilst at home this week :)

Week One 23-3-20 How many questions can you answer about this short text?