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 Reading at home:

When you listen to your child read please write in the Partnership Book:

  • The page your child has read to.
  • Any relevant comments on the way your child read
  • Any words that your child found difficult


The children will have the opportunity to change their reading books daily if their Partnership Book has been signed.


Reading should be a relaxed and enjoyable time for you both therefore please offer praise and encouragement for all your child's efforts. Talk about the book together to further your child's understanding of the text and its key features. 


Reading books and Partnership Books should be in school everyday.

Please encourage your child to keep their reading books and Partnership Books in the plastic bag provided. This helps to keep everything together when the children put their books in the Reading box.


New system for our reading starting 19-2-18

For every 10 reads your child achieves with an adult at home, they will receive a Golden Ticket. All Golden Tickets are collected for the term and placed in a Golden box in the classroom. At the end of the term, we will draw one Golden Ticket from the box at random and the lucky winner will receive a £10 book voucher to spend on their very own book.

Rules for competition:

  • You must have the book name, the pages you've read and an adult's signature next to the read.
  • You can read a maximum of 3 times a day with an adult/adults at home.
  • The teacher will check and place a number next to the read and every multiple of 10 will mean the children will get to put their ticket in the box.
  • Each term we start counting again and the old Golden Tickets can be brought home.

This new system works alongside us promoting a love of reading and encouraging children to read a minimum of 5 times a week at home.



Word hunt


Are there any words your child is finding difficult to spell or read?

Put these words on post it notes and hide them around your house.  You could hide them in your fridge, under their bed or even in their coat pockets.

When you child finds these words they have to read it or write it down.


Perhaps, once they have found 10 they could get a special reward. 


Have fun!

The children have been given a bookmark. Each day  we check the Partnership books and if the children have read at home and their Partnership books have a comment or have been signed the bookmarks are dated. In class the children also move their owl up the Reading Tree when they read at home. If children reach the top of the Reading Tree they receive a certificate.