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School Governors

The School Board 

North Crescent Primary School operates a Local School Board. Those elected to the School board serve in a voluntary capacity.  They are either elected by the parents or their fellow teachers or are co-opted.


The Chairman is Mrs Riz Awan and the Vice Chairman is Mrs Amanda Law.

The Local School Board is responsible for:


  • Helping establish (with the Headteacher) the aims and policies of the school.
  • Determining how standards can be maintained and improved.
  • Deciding the conduct o the school.
  • Helping to draw up (with the Headteacher and staff) the school development plan.
  • Helping to decide how to spend the school's budget.
  • Making sure the National Curriculum and R.E. are taught.
  • Appointing, promoting and supporting staff.
  • Acting as a link between the community and the school.


The School Board currently meet once every term to conduct the general business of the school.  It's committee's meet more regularly.


Our Local School Boardsmiley


Co-opted  (Chair)               - Mrs R. Awan

Partnership  (Vice Chair)     - Mrs M. Law

LA                                    - Mrs J. Giles

Executive Head teacher      - Mrs K. Sansom

Head of School                  - Mrs A Griffin 

Partnership                       - Mrs J. Pickering

Parent                              - Mrs D. Webb

Parent                              - Mr R Chudleigh 

Co-opted                          - Mrs H. Robinson

Staff                                - Miss J. Beasley

Staff                                - Mrs L Sellwood

Associate                         - Mr D. Windle

Associate                         - Mrs L. Tkacziw 


There are no interests to declare.

Mandy Law - Trustee and LSB Vice Chair 

I have been involved with Wyburns since 1990, when my first child began in Reception and in 1993 was elected as a Parent Governor.  My local authority and private sector company secretarial experience has enabled me to support the Governing Body in meeting its full range of responsibilities; whilst contributing my own ideas and values to assist in developing the school’s strategy, overseeing its implementation, and ensuring that goals are achieved, all within a framework of sound governance arrangements.  I am fully committed to ensuring that all pupils make the progress of which they are capable, whilst the caring and supportive ethos experienced by my own children thrives.

Mrs J Giles - Member & LSB

Hello, my name is Joyce Giles. I joined Wyburns as the LA appointed governor over 20 years ago!  I am very proud to still serve on the hard-working  governing body of a school which has such a family ethos about it - thus our children receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for life beyond primary school. 

Mrs K Sansom - Executive Head Teacher

Welcome to Wyburns Primary School!  I am delighted to have been Head Teacher of this brilliant school since January 2013.  I have worked in Redbridge, Essex and Thurrock schools  both a teacher and a school leader.  The Local School Board of Wyburns are a strong team and I am pleased to work in Partnership delivering our strategic vision for the school.  We work hard to drive forward improvement that makes real differences to the lives of our pupils and their families- aim to be the best you can be!!

Mrs J Pickering - Trustee Vice Chair & LSB

Hello. My name is Jill Pickering and I had the privilege of teaching at Wyburns for 25 years.  My two daughters also went to Wyburns and it has always held a special place in my affection.  I hope, as a Trustee and LSB, to use my extensive experience of education to support and encourage the school to continue to prosper and move forward. 

Mrs D Webb - Local School Board

Hello my name is Dawn Webb and I am part of Wyburns Local School Board. I have 2 children and enjoy a busy family and work life.  Wyburns Primary has always been close to my heart; I attended Wyburns as a child, along with my 3 siblings, and we all have fond memories of our school days. My children now attend Wyburns. I believe Wyburns improves every year - the teaching and support staff are nurturing and enthusiastic. I am really excited about being part of the Local School Board moving forward.

Mrs H Robinson - Trustee & LSB 

Hello, my name is Hina.  I have been a secondary school teacher for over 16 years, now working part time.  My subject specialism is Geography, which I am extremely passionate about.  I also have responsibilities for Internationalism and Rights Respecting Schools.  I hope to make a positive contribution to Wyburns using the areas I have expertise in and am very excited to be part of a wonderful "brilliant" community!