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Spellings will  be given out to the children during their phonics lesson on Mondays.

Please practise them with your child. (You could use the 'look  say cover write check'  method shown at the bottom of this page and play the Word Hunt or Jigsaw games).


No new spellings given out on the 22nd July

Next spellings will be in Year 2



Spellings  given to the children on  Monday 15th July for testing on Monday 22nd July

Mrs Kaur

rug    mug    bug    up    back


Mrs Barber

low    grow    snow    show    slow    chief    brief    thief    field    shield    will    went   


Mrs Woodford

yet    cash    chin    quit     yell    mix    wax    them    he    all      


Miss Whitwell

market    rather    almond    halve    couldn't    wouldn't    shouldn't    playful    pudding    pulling    looked     who


Mrs Cane

flatten    loosen    lessen    tighten    fatten    soften    lengthen    shorten    golden    lighten    wooden    sweeten


Word hunt!

If there are any words your child is finding difficult to spell or read, you could play this game.

Put the words on post it notes/pieces of paper and hide them around your house.  You could hide them anywhere indoors or outside, under their bed or even in their coat pockets.

When your child finds these words they have to read them or write them down. Time how long it takes your child to find all the words then see if they can beat the time when you repeat the activity.


Jigsaw game!

Write word your child is learning on a piece of paper and then cut out each letter. Your child then has to put the pieces back together to make the word. Once your child is more familiar with the words you could write sentences which include the spelling words, cut up these sentences into individual words and children put back together  and read the sentence. This helps your child  to use their spelling words in context.