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Summer learning



Are zoos a good idea or a bad idea?


We researched some of the jobs that zoos do, looking at the websites of Edinburgh, Chester, London and Colchester zoos.

Next we had a debate and put forward ideas on the side of zoos or against. The winner of the debate was YES zoos are a good idea - but they had to put the needs of the animals first, be legal and ethical and concentrate on conservation. The children thought of great arguments for and against - they showed great maturity and respect. 

What do you think?



We also learned about how the goods we import and export are transported, on enormous container ships. 


We learned about what happens when that transport goes wrong. In 2021 a ship blocked the Suez Canal, in Egypt for 6 days. The canal allows 50 ships a day to travel a shorter distance from the southern hemisphere to Europe. Did you know that ship freight is cleaner for the planet than air freight?


Ask me what I learned.





Have you every wondered where our food comes from? We began to learn about where we import some of our food to the UK from, because it cannot be grown here.



This week used a text about Earth day in our shared reading. We learned about plastic pollution, deforestation and renewable energy. 


This complemented our Easter homelearning. Our class made some wonderful, thoughtful, inventive models and images, for a home of the future. Thinking about renewable energy and ways to use materials without damaging planet Earth. Thank you to everyone who gave their time for this project. The future is in your hands. 

22.04.22 Earth day



We began to learn about types of poems. Kennings, Haiku and Tanka.

We read examples to identify the features and characteristics.