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A BIG thank you to our families and friends who were able to come along to our Christmas Fayre.*************************Thank you to all of the parent volunteers, children and staff who went the extra mile in support of the Christmas Fayre.**************************Join us at St Andrew's Friday 13th December at 1:30pm. All helpers to walk with us meets outside at approx 1pm***********************

This week...

Week ending 29th November 2019

We started reading the story 'Stick man' and went on a soggy  hunt around the playground to collect some sticks.  On Tuesday some of us made our own stick men, ladies and children!

Some of the learners did some mark making and created speech bubbles to make the characters talk.

On Wednesday we took advantage of the rain and used the puddles to play hook a duck.  The children loved it and came back into class sopping wet!!!


Thankyou for the fabulous homework that has been sent in.  We have had sensory bottles for our investigation area, santa's grotto's and some wonderful art work.


Have a lovely weekend.

Week ending 22nd November 2019

So far this week...

So far this week... 1 The leaves were frosty this morning.
So far this week... 2 The children discovered the frosted leaves.
So far this week... 3 "Look!" They spotted some icicles.
So far this week... 4 Icicles.
So far this week... 5 Playdough cakes made for the home corner.
So far this week... 6 Stirring soup.

Outdoor painting and mark making.

Outdoor painting and mark making. 1
Outdoor painting and mark making. 2
Outdoor painting and mark making. 3
Outdoor painting and mark making. 4
Week Ending 18th October 2019


The children are listening to each other's stories during circle time. Some of the children have acted out their own stories and shared them with the class. Story Scribing


Outside, the children have been developing their gross motor skills and taking risks through child initiated play.  They are taking turns and enjoying working together.

"It is great fun rolling!" The children exclaimed.

Harvest Festival - Celebrations and Festivals. 

People and communities.

Later this week, we will be celebrating Harvest Festival. The children will take a trip out of the classroom to visit the local church. In readiness, the children are learning to walk together in pairs safely and learning new songs to share during the Harvest Festival. 

We have a food box that is filling up nicely through generous donations from Explorers. The food will be given to the local food bank in Wickford. 






Week ending 11th October 2019




The children have been enjoying listening to some of the poems and stories by the Author Michael Rosen and Sarah Hayes.


Currently, their favourite poem is Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen. 






Week Ending 4th October 2019


Thursday 1 Poppy the reading dog visited Explorers.

We can work together.

The children problem solved and worked together to build a bridge over the water. Some of the children were rescued before the Crocodiles caught them.


Building Bridges

Building Bridges 1

The children are settling in and beginning to learn our daily routines. It is amazing how quickly they have learned to self register and organise their book bags and partnership books as they come into school each morning.

Our Keyworker groups are Clownfish, Angelfish and Turtles. We have shared our chatterbags in our keyworker groups and we also have keygroup mascots.





Adult Led

On Friday the children celebrated Roald Dahl Day by dressing up as a book character.

In the classroom during circle time, our children heard some parts of The BFG

with the help of puppets and dream jars. 


Circle Time - Making dreams

They listened to the puppet story and described their dreams,  making potions and dream catchers  


We can design our own dream jars.


Dreamcatcher - Helping each other.


Child initiated learning.

On Monday, we discovered that some dinosaurs had explored our classroom and left number footprints on the classroom wall!

We even discovered footprints in our new sandpit. 

However, they must have been in a hurry as all the footprints were muddled up!


During this week the children have been ordering number footprints and listening to different sounds carefully. 


The children decided to build a castle for the dinosaurs to live in and have counted blocks and bricks together with their new friends.


Our Explorers have enjoyed the stomping dinosaur printing in our playdough tray and stompy mark making using our fantastic messy wall in our outdoor area.