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What do you think the giant would say if he saw Jack? What do you think that Jack's mum may say when he gave her the magic beans? 

Can you write a speech bubble? 

Discussion time

How do you think Jack felt being chased by the giant?

Do you think it was right for Jack to go into the giant's house without being asked?


We are still learning about x.  Can you work out which of the words are real and which are fake?

Blend and segment them with your grown up:


box               ox                  fix                    fox

emx               bxt                    mixer                six

zox                vixen                 bixd                  xad



Tricky words song phase 2 and 3

Number fun

Estimating.  Hide your hands behind your back and get your grown up to guess how many fingers your are holding up.


Drop some marbles into a jar and get your grown up to guess how many your dropped.  Then let them take a turn.


Have fun

The Big Numbers Song

How many number can you count?

Other activities

Bean Time-Lapse - 25 days | Soil cross section

Create your own bean diary