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Parent tours are available for your child starting school in September 2022! Please contact the school office for details on 01268 765905 :-)


Phonics Resources

Mrs Woodford's Group Phase 3 
Listen & take part in the lesson 8  'ai' - read book  - Go Fish

Mrs Barber's Group Phase 5
  Spelling  Activity - Phoneme n ( 'kn' and 'gn')


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Username: first 4 letters of first name, first 4  letters of surname then numbers 03 
Password: class2book              school code: mtwx

Lesson 8 - Learning to Blend

Maths Resources

Spr2.3.4 - Make equal groups - grouping

English Resources

Music Resources

PE Resources

PE will be live with Rob on Google Meet from 2:30-3:00pm

If you miss this lesson please click on the link below for a PE with Joe Wicks session.