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Transition to Year 7

While we continue to work hard and have fun with Class 6, we are all thinking and preparing for the transition to the next phase of school life. Many of our class will move to a new school in the local area; whilst some move further away. 


This can be an exciting, yet challenging time, with a range of emotions and feelings. It is a time for questions and seeking answers: we can help.


Basic information has been shared with each school, by me. Your chosen schools should be making contact and sending information. It is very important you read complete any forms. 


Top tip for parents: begin to make arrangements for uniform fittings and ordering uniform, with plenty of time. And prepare for spreading the cost! 


I will post any information I receive. Don't wait to ask - if you have questions. Whether this is your first child making the transition or not - keep informed and make the change as smooth as possible. 


smileyMrs Strange