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VE Day 8th May

  Let us celebrate VE Day  

Zoom Challenge

This week your Zoom challenge is to make something using just red, white and blue. You could use coloured pencils/felt tips,  ribbons, material or coloured paper/ card. The choice is yours. You could bake something or dress up in red white and blue. I am sure you will have ideas of your own. (Don't forget to send me pictures so I can display your efforts on our class pages) Below are a few ideas  to help you to decide what you are going to make.

  What is VE Day?  

Read and look at the powerpoint below to find out about VE Day. More information can be read in the VE Day comprehension where you can answer some questions too. The design a medal and letter templates (featured in the powerpoint) can also be downloaded from below.

VE Day for Kids: Learn A Wartime Song in Makaton!

VE Day makes

Fold  and colour paper to make a WW2 Spitfire. Download  template below or make a paper aeroplane of your own. How far can you make your paper plane fly?

Flag template can be downloaded from the link below and coloured the appropriate colours before attaching to a stick / straw. You could wave your flag on Friday to celebrate VE Day.
Colour by numbers to make a Union Jack flag or make some bunting to decorate for your VE day celebrations.