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We all have feelings

Part One - We all have feelings

This is the alien Maz. 

He is visiting earth to discover more about people and today Maz wants to learn all about feelings. Can you draw a friend for Maz and give them a name? 

Then think of all the names of feelings you might have every day. We all have different feelings, some we might feel every day and others just sometimes,

Our feelings can come and go and can change over time.

You could write the names of different feelings all around Maz's friend so that Maz and his friend have  a list of feelings names to help them.

If you prefer you can download the sheet below.

There is also a wordmat of feelings words that you might want to use to help you.

Part Two - We all have feelings

Recognising feelings

Use your feelings list made in part one  (or the feelings wordmat) and show your Maz, his friend and your family what different feelings might look like on people's faces and bodies. Try these:

  • Can you show Maz a happy face?
  • What does an angry face look like?
  • How do we look when we are excited?
  • Can you show Maz a happy body?
  • What does an angry body look like?
  • How does our body look when we are excited?

Challenge - Tell Maz and his friend what signs to look out for if someone was scared, or any of the other feelings. What might they say, do , behave like? e.g. where in Maz's body might he experience each feeling? What might happen to his face / body when he feels it? e.g. Maz might clench his fist / his legs start feeling shaky / his tummy hurts / he bites his nails / his teeth start to chatter etc.. 

We are all different and we might have the same feeling but our bodies might react in different ways.


Draw different feelings on faces and cut them out to make cards. Write feelings words onto cards too. Match the face to the feelings word cards.

If you prefer you can click on link below to download face and feeling cards.

Part Three - We all have feelings

Experiencing feelings

Look at the different feelings words in the table below. 

happy uncomfortable excited
sad angry bored
calm upset scared
silly worried shy
confused embarrassed lonely
ashamed confident grumpy
comfortable nervous  

How do you think each of these feelings might feel in Maz's body?

Where in his body might Maz experience this feeling?

What might happen to his face when he feels it?

What might happen to his body when he feels it?

Challenge Read the  scenarios  and decide what feelings you think the characters are experiencing. Write the feeling down next to the child's name. What might the children say that would give us a clue about how they are feeling? If you want to you can download the scenarios by clicking on the link underneath scenario 9. 

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Scenario 4

Scenario 5

Scenario 6

Scenario 7

Scenario 8

Scenario 9

Possible Answers

Amir — worried;            Mia — excited;           Jade — happy;         

Ty — embarrassed;           Mo — scared;                 Daisy — angry;         

Carlos — confident/proud;          Maddy — jealous;       Leo — lonely/nervous.


Which of the characters might need help with their feelings?

How could you help?

Put the suggestions for helping (below) in order of usefulness.

You can download or copy the ideas for helping and then order them.

Do nothing.
Tell someone who cares about them.
Write down what is worrying them.
Tell a friend at school.
Tell a teacher or adult at school.