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The timetable  for today:

                 9.00-10.30 Live Google Meet as usual ( Phonics and Maths)

No Live Google Meet for the rest of the day. Children to follow the timetable and activities listed below. 

                11.00-12.00 Independent English activities
                1.00-1.30  Choose a book at home and read it, then complete the 

                             book review.
                1.30-2.00  Independent Phonics activity
                2.00-3.00  Online Music lessons and activity
See information and resources for these lessons in the resource sections below and on Google Classroom.

Phonics Resources

                           Phase 3
1st session -Phase 3 - Read the book - Stop that Popcorn 
2nd session- Watch and take part in the Video clip linked below on 'oi' sounds . Then Phase 3 - Read the book - Stop that Popcorn  and make a list of 'ow'  and 'oi' words. Draw objects that make the 'oi' sound.

                           Phase 5
Phase 5 - Read the book - Butterfly Pie
Spot the long 'I' sounds  and list them on the table. Can you think of anymore words that contain the 'I' sound? Add them to the table. 


IMPORTANT - When you click on the link to Phonics Bug Club book you will need to enter your child's login. This is in the front of their partnership books. 

( Username : first 4 letters of first name then first 4 letters of surname then numbers 03  - all lowercase letters  and no spaces           Password: class2book      School code is : mtwx)

'oi' Words | Phonics Phase 3

Maths Resources

English Resources

Complete both Reading Comprehension Tasks.

Read the text and answer the questions.

( * Panda Group, ** Lion Group and  *** Tiger Group)

Reading Resources

Choose a book from home to read and then complete the book review below.

Music Resources

Click on the links below to watch and take part in two online music lessons about pitch. Then complete the sheet below by making a list of all the high pitched and low pitched sounds you can think of. Remember the musical instruments, animals and household things that made high and low pitched  sounds in the music lessons you watched. Can you think of any other high and low pitched  sounds? Add these to your list.