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We hope you have fun this summer and we will see you ready to learn on Friday 3rd September. Be safe out and about. Be safe around water. Be safe in the sun.


Phonics Resources

Phase 3 Lesson 13 'oo'  Listen and take part in the phonics lesson.

Then read the book Go Boat Go.

Lesson 13 - Learning to Blend

Phase 6

Copy the sentences from the sheet and change them from the present tense to the past tense. 

Maths Resources

Odd and Even

English Resources

History Resources

Write a fact file on Queen Victoria.
The first link is for finding information about Queen Victoria.
BBC link has a video part way down the page  which you can watch and a game to check the order of events in her life.
The Comprehension sheet gives some questions that you could use to help you find information about Queen Victoria