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North Crescent Primary School

‘Guiding explorers of the future’

We hope you have fun this summer and we will see you ready to learn on Friday 3rd September. Be safe out and about. Be safe around water. Be safe in the sun.

Week beginning 30th-4th

The weeks are flying by, I can’t believe it’s October already!

This week we have been rehearsing for our performance, which we hope you will come and watch. 

You have produced some amazing work this week, Mrs Lloyd and I are so impressed with the work you have produced. 


In our Maths lessons, we have been learning to add 3 and 4 digit numbers together. 


We have also been looking at maps to compare distances around the world.  


Enjoy your weekend - Mr Baker 


Please checkout some pictures from the week...



Girls at the football. Who can spot the class 4 children?

Parents joining in with our lesson. Can you remember what artefacts we found?