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North Crescent Primary School

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Parent tours are available for your child starting school in September 2022! Please contact the school office for details on 01268 765905 :-)

week from June 15

Your plan for this week is listed below, with all of the resources you'll need. I have saved items as Word or PDF, to make it easier for you to open the documents. You do not need to print anything, but can view items on your screens. 


Remember to keep the work you make or send me photos and I will collect your work into a folder. There are additional activities on Google Classroom, which you can access using the login sent to you last week. We're testing the system - 3 of you logged on last week - let's see if we can have all 26 this week. 


Phone, email or join our zoom chats if you have questions or want to share. Keep busy and exercise your brains. smiley