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Welcome to Explorers class



As the children are thinking about moving on into Year 1 our story focus will be 'The Bag Full of Worries.'

We are answering these questions.







Some pictures of our learning this week.

Colour blending

Marshmallow pattern kebabs


Our new topic is water.

What do we know about water?

How do we use it?

Last Friday afternoon the children listened to the thunderstorm and rain. It was very exciting as a gigantic puddle filled our outdoor area. 

We floated the ducks on the puddle and watched as the water drained away after the storm. 


This week, the children collected words they know about water.

We listened to a very different story of Goldilocks and the shark which made us laugh. 

 Capacity was explored outside in the water tray and when we mixed paint to create a water colour picture. 

We learned to copy an artists idea and used a black pen to outline. 

We read and retold another hilarious story "There's a shark in the park!" written by Nick Sharratt. 



Shark In The Park


We are continuing to explore sport and keeping healthy. This week we are challenging ourselves to improve our ball skills, explore yoga and trampolining.


So far this week the children have taken part in races, made medals and enjoyed making healthy fruit kebabs.

Class learning this week


Mrs Griffin gave the children a sunflower to plant. Already it is quite tall but we hope it will grow taller with careful watering. 



We used numicom to explore different ways to make 18 and had bubble fun too.


Bubble fun with numicom.

Still image for this video


As the children have shown an interest in sport and football, our new two week topic will be sport.

What do you know about sport?

Do you like football? 

What is your favourite football team? 



Can you make an obstacle course? 

It could be for you and your family. If you don't have space you could build one from lego or toys and use your favourite toy or character to move across a pretend course.

We have more challenges in the the subject pages.

A cat decided it wanted to join in our game and be the goal keeper.

15th June 2020


This week we are still learning about the Naughty Bus.  

Earlier in the week the children observed the shadows made by themselves and other shapes. 

We collected leaves and rubbings from different trees and made a street scene for the Naughty Bus to ride along. 


Week beginning 8th June 2020


We are reading the story of the Naughty Bus. 


You will find some challenges in the other sections. 

Here is a link to the London Transport Museum where you can find out more about buses. 

The London buses are usually painted red and some are called Routemasters. 

Some buses are now powered using the sun, they use solar energy. 

You can find lots of activities on their website that link to the story.


Make your own Routemaster

Week beginning 3rd June 2020

5th June 2020


Our first week has ended.

The children in school observed the growing flowers and changes in the Eco Centre. 

We picked some flowers and collected some seeds for our garden.


The children at home tried new foods and emailed in lots of work!

On Wednesday, we had a joint zoom session with the children at home.

Well done everyone.




3rd June


Welcome back Explorers. 

It was lovely to see you arrive this morning. 

For those Explorers at home, we can't wait to see you on zoom this morning. 



Miss Richings, Mrs Dolphin, Mrs Windebank, Mrs Kane and Mrs Wallace.

1st June 2020

Good morning my lovely Explorers!

This week some of you are coming back to see us at school.  We are so excited to see you but will miss the other learners who are staying at home.  Don't worry if you are staying at home because we will still look forward to our zoom sessions with you and you can show us anything that you have made.  Our zoom day and times have changed (new details will be sent out).  Starting this week:

Zoom session 1 - 10.30 a.m Wednesday

Zoom session 2 - 11.00 a.m  Wednesday

These sessions will continue until the end of June when they will be reviewed.

We have new activities going onto the website today.

Have fun

Miss Richings, Mrs Dolphin, Mrs Windebank, Mrs Cane and Mrs Wallace


PS. Have a look below and you will find fantastic back to school story.  We will have a look in class on Wednesday.

16th May 2020

Good morning Explorers class, 

Have you been enjoying the glorious sunshine this week? It was lovely to see so many of your faces during our zoom sessions on Monday and Tuesday.  Well done for continuing to learn at home and thankyou for sending in your wonderful activities.  Your challenge for next week is to make something out of a paper plate.  I have put some ideas below for you to look at, but you can make anything! Bring it to your zoom meeting next week.  If you haven't got a paper plate you can make a circle from paper and use that as a base. 


Have a lovely weekend


Miss Richings, Mrs Dolphin, Mrs Windebank, Mrs Cane and Mrs Wallace.

What will you make?

11th may 2020

Hi Explorers,

I hope that you had a lovely VE day and celebrated with some social distancing activities.  Mrs Dolphin and the people in her road, put up bunting and had a street party.  Have a look at the photos in our gallery.


Below are some more activities for you to enjoy and they are all about people who help us. 

Remember to send your home learning to our school email address for us to look at.

Have fun


Miss Richings, Mrs Dolphin, Mrs Windebank, Mrs Wallace and Mrs Cane.

7th May 2020

Hi Explorers,

Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday because the whole country is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of V.E Day.  

V.E stands for Victory in Europe and it signifies the end of World War two.  To celebrate this wonderful anniversary there are a few activities below for you to try.  Please remember to send in your photos of how you celebrate VE day. Have a listen to some 1940's music in the songs section.  Design a medal or decorate some bunting.  


What is V.E day? 

VE day happened 75 years ago which was before you were born and before your mum and dad were born. It was  EVEN before your grandparents were born. My Daddy is 90 years old and he remembers celebrating VE day. He said that he was cheering and very happy.  In his road all of the neighbours came out and had a street party! Have a look at the film clip below showing how other people celebrated it.  



VE day street party celebration 1945.m4v

A street party from VE Day, 1945 showing children in a fancy dress parade and eating a celebration tea.

Why do we celebrate VE day?

An explanation of World war 2, VE day and why we celebrate it for young children Made with

Toilet roll challenge update (7 May 2020)

Hi Explorers , 

Last week I set a challenge to make something from a toilet roll.  Below are some of the photos that you have sent in. 

29th April 2020

Hi Explorers, 

What a lovely start to the week! On Monday and Tuesday we saw several of you with the help of the 'zoom' website.  You all seemed to have grown! It was lovely to see your smiling faces, wonderful artwork, photos, babies, dogs and dollies.  We are looking forward to seeing you again next week.  

Cayden challenged the teachers to make an Elmer elephant.  Mrs Warman challenged all of the children (and teachers) to make something out of a toilet roll tube.  What will you make? I have added a few ideas below.

Have fun



Miss Richings, Mrs Dolphin, Mrs Cane, Mrs Windebank and Mrs Wallace.





24th April 2020


Hi Explorers, 

Have a look at this for ideas to support your learner:

Follow the link and select the year group you require (EYFS to year 10) and select the year group you require.

High quality, short, daily videos to use at your own pace. 

Maths - English - Topic

23rd April 2020

Have a look for some exciting phonics news in the reading section!





Exciting activities to try.

Hi Explorers, 

We have a lovely list of activities which will help to develop the following areas of learning:

  • Physical development
  • Understanding of the world
  • Expressive arts and design


My favourite activity is drawing my favourite animal and also observing changes  as I made a jelly. Let me know what you have enjoyed.  Have fun!


Miss Richings 

21st April 2020


Butterfly update


Hi Explorers, 

Our last butterfly had a little trouble flying away, so Mrs Clark picked it up and put it back into the butterfly den for a little while longer.  I am happy to say that the butterfly has now flown off but not before it let Mrs Clark take some brilliant close up photos.  Have a look at the patterns on its wings and how delicate it is.  One of our learners drew a picture of the butterfly life cycle.  Our new photos can be seen below.


17th April 2020

Hi Explorers,

The Government has set up an initiative called hungry little minds which has lots of lovely activities for children up to five years old. These can be used on tablets as well as computer systems.  Please see the link below:


I really like the songs from 'teach your monster to read' and also the interactive flash cards.


Have fun!

Miss Richings, Mrs Dolphin, Mrs Cane, Mrs Windebank and Mrs Wallace. smiley

14th April 2020

Hi Explorers,

What a busy few days it has been.  I have got some really exciting news for you!! Our caterpillars finally developed into butterflies.  Have a look at the photo and video below. 

Can you draw  some pictures of the butterfly life cycle?  What happened first? You can use the photos to help you.  Have fun and don't forget to email your lovely activities to  






Still image for this video

10th April 2020 

Hi Explorers, Mrs Cane here! I am missing you all so much. I thought I would read you a story from my favourite author, Julia Donaldson. Enjoy!

Click on the link below to listen to watch:

Caterpillar updates...

7th April 2020 Mrs Clark has sent us some more photographs of the caterpillars. Have a look to see how much they have changed.

5th April 2020

Hi Explorers!

What have you been doing this week? Last week had a special delivery of some live caterpillars!  Because we weren't at school, Mrs Clark very kindly took them home and has sent us some photos of the ever changing caterpillars (see below)  Can you remember what they will change into?  

There are also some new home learning photos on the gallery and some different activities for you to try in the other sections.  

Have a lovely weekend and remember to stay at home. 

Love from

Miss Richings, Mrs Dolphin, Mrs Windebank, Mrs Cane and Mrs Wallace.


PS- remember to send any of your home learning, photos or comments to the email address below.  (Just make sure that you write Explorers class or EYFS in the subject heading.)


Week beginning 30th March 2020

Hello Explorers class,

I hope that you have been having some fun time off with your family.  Some of you have created some fabulous home learning pieces which you can see on the gallery tab. Keep sending them in so that we can see your brilliance.

This week I have made a video that I have put into the maths section and I have also set some activities for you.  Maybe you would like to create a colourful picture or write a story using the phonics skills that you have learnt. 

Has anybody painted a rainbow and stuck it into their window? Mrs Dolphin has painted her own one and it is very colourful.  You can see it in the gallery. 


We  miss you all so much.

Love from

Miss Richings, Mrs Dolphin, Mrs Windebank, Mrs Cane and Mrs Wallace.  


PS. If you want to add anything to Tapestry then please do or you can email your home learning to :